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Hill interval training. Wednesday 9th October.

Reaching new heights

Reaching new heights

We’ve just had a fabulous Fitbitch weekend of running and there’s plenty more to come.  Next up is the Amsterdam half marathon followed by the Brooks 10k. Whether or not you are training for one of these events our Wednesday sessions are suitable for all levels of runners. This week it’s a hill session which benefits all runners, even if you’re training for a flat race.

Hill running improves the strength and endurance of the quadriceps, hip flexor and hip extensor muscle groups—so the increased ability of these muscle groups to resist fatigue (lactic acid) shows through in the latter stages of races. You’ll slow down less, improving your race times or completing a race more comfortably. Whatever your goal is, you’ll reap the benefits if you include hill training in your programme.

MEET: Peter Pan playground (next to yellowave). Madeira Drive.

TIME: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Book online here



Pace for your race. Wednesday 14th November

Inspired by sporting hero’s?

Although running is a year round activity, there’s no denying we’ve hit training season again. Our training plans for the Brighton half and full marathon have begun and it is the last training session before the Brookes 10k and the Spartan race.

Pace is the name of the game this Wednesday. For Sundays 10k runners, it will give you one last training boost and an opportunity to ask any race day preparation questions. Spartan girls, they’ll be no obstacles but a chance to build up running performance ( or possibly a small obstacle as extra training!)

If you are starting out on the half or full marathon training, this is the key to your training. Do not be fooled into thinking it is all about our Sunday longer runs (however these sessions are just as important). Wednesdays sessions cover all the other elements required to prevent over training and injury. We will establish a suitable pace for every individual that will work you at a comfortably hard pace, to boost your endurance for longer runs. As always all abilities are welcome, whether you are running a race or you run for general fitness and please comment if you can make this session.

Meet: Hove street, on the promenade by the lifeguard hut (near King Alfred car park)

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in: £5

Sunday Run Fun! 21st October.

Start spreading the news…. Fitbitch’s run and have fun!

Lake Garda may be over but let the training continue. The Brooks 10k and Spartan Beast are the next events on our running calendar but you don’t need to be taking part in these to join in the FitBitch run fun.

This Sunday we are offering three distances which are 4, 5 and 8 miles. Once again all distances are starting out together, setting off from the Tesco Express car park in Rottingdean and heading over the Downs. The 4 and 5 mile routes stay on the same course which turns downhill back into Rottingdean. While the 8 mile route continues towards Woodingdean, winding up (this may be the only non chatty part of the run!) through the Snake climb before running down a slight decline back towards Rottingdean.

Whatever the weather this will be a scenic Autumn run that has a mix of terrain and gradient. The muscles and cardiovascular system get a good workout and there’s support from our coaches and running ambassadors.

When you comment please put your distance down so we can allocate the two running ambassadors accordingly.

Meet: Rottingdean High Street, Tesco Express car park.

Time: 8:30 am

Coaches: 8 miles – Kate (07702983744) 5 miles – Melissa (07894146016) 4 miles – Rachael (07855742195)

£7 drop in

Wednesday 16th November. Pace Training.

learn to run

Whatever your goal is, every runner from beginners to advanced benefit from pace training. We will be doing 4 or 5 repetitions of 1 kilometre with a short recovery in between each run. The purpose of pace training is to improve your speed and running economy which is ideal for anyone currently training for a race of any distance (including Sundays Brooks 10k). For anyone who is fairly new to running then breaking up a 4k distance by having recovery rests is a good way to increase your stamina. Oh and lets not forget that it’s a great calorie burner!
It does not matter what your current running pace is, the session is suitable for all. We understand all runners have different paces and we train you to improve speed and technique.

Location: Hove Lawns opposite Fourth Avenue.
Trainer: Kate 07702983744
Drop in fee £5
Time 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Upcoming Local Race dates

A few dates for your running diaries…

Sunday 18th September 8k Undercliff Run, in aid of the domestic abuse charity, Rise. For those joining us for the 10k in Palma who have never raced before, this could be a good way of getting ‘race’ experience before October.

(We will still be putting on a training run for those who would prefer this).

Sunday 20th November, The Brooks Brighton 10k a great, friendly and flat (although not always wind-free!) run to train for no matter what your level. Again, we will be putting on training runs for this race. DON’T leave it too late to register as race entries go fast!

19th February, 2012 Brighton Half Marathon we will be putting on training runs geared towards this so if you’re interested in getting faster – or going longer on your home turf, don’t forget to register. It sells out fast!