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Yoga for Runners, Every Monday, 6-7pm

Welcome to all our new runners who came out in force this Sunday morning and last Wednesday.

We have a specially developed yoga session every Monday at The Happy Cell for all runners (it is a mixed session). It doesn’t matter if you have never done yoga before, or if you are an experienced yogi.

This style of yoga is specifically designed to help stretch the deep underlying muscles, fascia, ligaments and joints. Stay in touch with your body through yoga, and it can help prevent you becoming injured.

Spaces are strictly limited so you get personalised attention. It’s £11 drop in, or you can buy a 10 class pass (11th class free) for £90. All details about the class can be found at www.yogaforrunnersandsport.com (it is taught by Fitbitch founder, Rachael) and class passes can be purchased at www.fibitchbootcamp.com in Prices and Booking.

To book a drop in, simply text 07855 742195 with your name.


Yoga for Runners, re-starts Monday 2nd July, 6pm

See your running take off with yoga – don’t worry, you wont’ do this!

Whether you are a seasoned runner or someone just starting out, running can result in  injury if you fail to stretch properly, or remain unaware of the balance and imbalances in your body.

This is why yoga is invaluable to runners.

And this style is specifically for runners and those who exercise. It  focuses on those muscles and joints that typically become tight because of the exercise that we do.

It can help prevent and rehab typical problem areas such as tight calves, achille’s problems, piroformis syndrome, hamgstring issues and more.

Whether you have never done yoga, or done it and felt like the class dunce while Miss Pretzel in front of you put her foot over her head, this style of yoga is designed for YOU.

The class is run byFB  founder, Rachael Woolston who is also a trained yoga teacher. It is part of www.yogaforrunnersandsport.com and so is open to both men and women.

A six-week block starting July 2nd costs £51 or you can drop in for £10 a session (please text 07855 742195 to ensure there is space beforehand). There are limited spaces to ensure correct technique and attention.

Classes last for one hour, finishing at 7.00pm.It will be at The Happy Cell, Davigdor Road, Hove.

If you are currently training with the running club, particularly if you are a beginner, or are training for distances over 10k, this is the perfect recovery after Sunday’s long run.

To book please email yogaforrunnersandsport@gmail.com

Yoga for Runners Immersion Week, starts Mon 6th Feb

You won't be required to do this...but the immersion week could help free your body from ache and pains


Calves feeling tight? Thigh muscles like fast setting concrete, and neck ache from poking your head forward with the effort of running that long in cold weather while wearing a hydration pack? (the less said about your running posture the better…er, but that’s what our running school is for!) . And that’s not to mention the lower back ache.

If this sounds like you after a long Sunday training run, then Yoga for Runners & Sport is perfect for you.

Join their Monday evening 6pm class or this week’s upcoming special three session immersion week. The perfect complement to your running training, helping to nourish your joints and muscles to allow them to recover.

way of allowing your body to repair and reap the rewards of your training with this week’s special three session immersion camp.

Yoga for Runners & Sport are the only company in the UK offering these running and sport specific yoga classes in an immersion format.

Why do you need it? So you don’t feel like an old person after a long run. In fact, it could even help you regain your gazelle like running of years gone by.

This is for complete beginners to yoga or those who are seasoned pros. The aim of this type of yoga is to stay in the kind of postures that work specifically on areas which become tight in runners.

Drop in for the 6am sessions for £13, or commit to the three sessions. Monday, 6th, Tues, 7th and Thursday 9th February.

Where? Natural Bodies, Bond Stree


Yoga for Runners, starts tonight Mon 23rd Jan

Feeling stiff after yesterday’s long training run? Or feeling a few aches and pains?

Nip in the bud before they turn into full blown injuries, and improve your running performance with this 1hour www.yogaforrunnersandsport.com class that starts tonight.

Led by founder of FitBitch and the running club, Rachael Woolston, this is aimed at all levels, including the non-yogis.It is open to men and women and is not part of FitBitch.

Drop ins are £10 payable on the night all equipment provided. There are changing rooms if you are coming straight from work.

Address: Natural Bodies, Bond Street (they share space with Jing Massage). Arrive ready to be on your mat by 6pm.

Yoga for Runners, starts Mon 23rd Jan

Feel stiff from running? Recovering from an injury, or eager to avoid one? Then join a once a  week yoga session aimed specifically at those who run.

Regular yoga sessions will help lengthen muscles that become shortened and tight due to sport and running. It improves range of movement to prevent injury and improve performance.

You can pay for a package up to the Brighton Half or Full Marathon, or pay a drop in fee.  But please be aware that spaces are strictly limited to ensure personalised attention and focus.

This type of yoga is for all types of people, including those who have never stepped foot into a yoga studio before. For more details about pricing and booking visit www.yogaforrunnersandsport.com

Yoga for Runners & Sport: Rest & Recovery

Yoga for Runners & Sport

Don’t forget our four day, morning yoga camp starts December 19th – December 22nd, 6am or 7am.

This classes are aimed at those who exercise regularly, and would be particularly beneficial to runners. You can do all four sessions, or drop in per session bookable in advance.

Why is yoga important to a runner, you might ask? Because it improves your flexibility which is as vital to anyone who exercises or runs as cardio fitness and strenth.

This camp will help your body repair and recover from training and leave you with knowledge of the stretches you must do avoid injury and improve your body’s natural movement patterns.

And, it will be the perfect way of de-stressing before the festive break!

It will be taught by FitBitch founder, Rachael, a qualified yoga teacher, adventure racer and half marathon runner.

Drop in sessions, £15, four days, £56 or £45 each if booked with one other person. Book at www.fitbitchbootcamp.com.

Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street, Brighton.

Special FB Offer: Yoga for Runners One Week Camp, Starting Monday 24th October

Stretch and avoid injury

For all those who did the Palma Half Marathon (who are not currently doing one of our four-week camps!), or for any other runners who want to learn how to avoid injury, or help rehab a current injury, our one week yoga for runners could be the answer.

Five one hour sessions, focusing on yoga postures that will help open and improve flexibility in areas that get stiff and tight from running. We will work on the following areas:

Ankles & Feet – to help prevent strained ligaments and overuse injuries, specifically Achilles and plantar fascia issues which can take you out of running for months.

Hamstrings – get supple hamstrings to improve your range of movement when running.

Thighs and IT band – working on muscles in the thighs to help prevent sore knees, particularly Iliotibial Band Syndrome, one of the most common injuries in runners.

Calves and shins – to help prevent shin splints and calf strain.

Piriformis/Glutes – avoid the dreaded Piriformis syndrome which can lead to lower back pain, sciatica and more.

Adductors – work on the inner thighs to help prevent inside knee pain and more.

Spaces are limited to 14 people at either 6-7am or 7-8am.
It costs £75 per person, but if two of you book together it will be £55 each.
Please book online via our Prices and Booking Page for the first option, or email info@fitbitchbootcamp.com for the second and we will send you a PayPal request.

This camp is for everyone no matter what your level of yoga experience.

Yoga for Runners camp, 24-28th October, 6am or 7am

yoga to transform and prevent running injuries

Do you run but never stretch? Or perhaps you spend a few minutes with one foot on the railings after a run before rushing off home or to work. Sound familiar? Then this one week, 1 hour per day camp is for you.

The week will focus on postures that specifically target the areas in the body that become tight from running such as the hips, thighs, hamstring, ankles and more.

Why is stretching important? Well, it helps prevent you feeling decrepit for one thing. But more importantly, tight muscles can lead to injury and impede your performance by affecting your range of movement.

Whether you are a recreational jogger, or someone who takes running more seriously, this camp is suitable. It would also be a great preparation if you are about to start training for the Brighton Half Marathon, Brighton Marathon and 10k.

It will be taken by Rachael Woolston, a trained yoga teacher who has been practising yoga for over 12 years. She also runs half marathons, adventure races, trail runs and is a former South East England Centre of Excellent basketball and netball player. (And can remember a time when she was the yoga dunce who couldn’t touch her toes).

This yoga is for everyone no matter what your experience. It is a class aimed at achieving Fit-uality (flexibility as a cornerstone of fitness) rathar than spirtuality.

The camp will be restricted to 14 to ensure individual attention, in keeping with FitBitch principles. Choose from 6am or 7am. Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street, Brighton. P
Price: £75, bookable via our prices and booking page.

Yoga for Runners, 6th October, 6am

Yoga for runners

Do you suffer from niggling injuries? Get back from a run and feel like you need a wheelchair? Or, are you relatively free from injury and want to keep it that way?
Then come to our specialist workshop that will focus on yoga postures that will help improve flexibility and range of movement in all the areas that get tight for women runners.
If you are one of those runners (and there are lots around like this) who don’t stretch, then this workshop is a must. Not only will it help prevent injury if you practise the postures regularly, but it will help improve your range of movement and your running performance and efficiency.
There are VERY limited spaces available so hurry and book if you wish to come. For Living Social subscribers, the workshop is included in your deal. Otherwise, it is £15 for the 1hour session.
You MUST BOOK BY CONTACTING info@fitbitchbootcamp.com even if it is included in your LS subscription. There are just five spaces available. And if you’re interested in more yoga for runners and sport, don’t miss our week’s camp starting October 24th. Email for details.
Location: Natural Bodies, Bond Street Brighton
Workshop leader: Rachael Woolston

Beginners to Improvers Running School, Booking now, Oct 3rd-7th

If you are new to running or feel stuck in a running rut, don’t miss our Running School Week, Monday October 3rd – Friday 7th October.
This school runs for 1hr, and is for beginners and those wanting to improve. Worried aobut getting left behind, being too slow, puffing away while everyone is bounding along? Don’t worry.
Session one, we spend indoors assessing the way your body moves, and pinpointing muscular weaknesses which could be affecting your running. We head out side for days two and three with some conditioning and technique work before heading to the indoor studio again on day four for a yoga for runners session. And day five? Well, that’s a surprise.
What can you expect to gain from the school? Confidence, lots of new tips to transform your running and more.
In one week, you can’t expect to go from 0kms to 10kms, but you will leave feeling confident you can achieve this and much more besides.
If these dates don’t work for you, do subscribe to our site as we will be releasing future dates plus our evening school soon.
Cost: £65
Where: Brighton & Hove
When: 6am or 7am.