Sunday 27th November. Scenery, conversation and a bit of incline!

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You don’t have to be training for a specific run to enjoy this off-road route on Sunday .Meeting at Stanmer Park we will lead you through footpaths and fields on a 7 mile course which can be at your own pace as we have a back up runner to motivate any newbie Fitbitch runner regardless of ability. Again, anyone on our half or full marathon training programme will be running at target pace. This will vary from each runner and from last weeks ‘almost’ flat run. This is a perfect opportunity to find out what your off-road and slightly hilly running pace is. Plus the glutes get a great workout. You’ll be booking a winter sunshine getaway to show off the toned bikini figure after these training runs! Please comment below if you are joining us. Meet: First car park on the right after A27 entrance into Stanmer. Park. Time: 8.30am Lead runner: Kate. 07702 983744 Back up runner: Naomi £5 drop in.


9 responses to “Sunday 27th November. Scenery, conversation and a bit of incline!

  1. I’ll be there

  2. Hi would like to be there but is there any chance of a lift from anyone please?

  3. Hi I am coming but need a lift from hove new church area. Anyone out there for a lift? Thanks Paola

  4. hI kATE,
    As discussed, can’t make it but please can you tell me the route / tell me where to find it on mapmyrun and I will try to do it early next week; may be diffciult to find the daylight though so might instead need to find a similar 7 mile road route with hills; I guess a circle going up and down from Preston Park up to Hove Park and back would be sort of comparable? Enjoy it, Tor

  5. I’m coming, happy to give people lifts from hove area.

  6. Count me in! Anna

  7. I’ll be there. Is that 8:30 am ?
    Thanks Xenia

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