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Stanmer Stunner 6 miles, 10th November

Scenery Sunday

Scenery Sundaystanmer

Last week before the Brooks 10k next weekend for some, for others the chance for a beautiful off road route before we lose all the gorgeous autumnal leaves.

This six mile/10k off road route has hills – up and down – so it is ONLY suitable for those who have run this distance recently and are used to off road running.

Don’t forget that our NEW courses for the half marathon and also total beginners starts November 20th so this is the PERFECT opportunity to join us at the start so that you can take part in our off road group runs. We take our responsibility as coaches seriously and would not want to take those not yet ready for off road running for risk of injury.

This week, we will have three different pace groups and you will need to stay with your group throughout – if you’re a little faster than the one you are with please be prepared to wait or loop back.

Location: Stanmer Park, car park on the right as you enter (if you need a lift, please comment below)

Time: 8.20am for a strict 8.30am departure

Coaches: Rachael with RA Lucy and Tor.

Price, £10, bookable online


Stunning Stanmer 7 miles, Sunday 28th July

Stunning Stanmer..we won't go up this way!

Stunning Stanmer..we won’t go up this way!

When we last did this route, everyone said it was their favourite run of all time. It has its ups – and ups! But it is also one of the most scenic runs in our unique Fitbitch library of routes so don’t miss it.

If you are part of one of our running courses, this is an important step in your training with the hills working to help build your strength and speed (take away the hills on race day and you’ll fly – not to mention being psychologically prepared).

Due to popular demand, we are also opening this to drop-ins (£10) although this route is NOT suitable for beginners. If you are attending as a drop in you MUST INFORM US IN ADVANCE BY FRIDAY 26TH JULY at the latest. No last min bookings.

Regardless of whether you are a drop in or have booked our course, PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING so we can ensure we have sufficient coaches (please let us know as far in advance as possible).

Please note that we start our Amsterdam (12 weeks) and Royal Parks (10 week) training next week – it will start with a mileage of four miles so don’t panic if you can’t run this distance this week. You’ll be covered next week. Course prices and booking will be available by this Friday.

Location: Meet car park by the church Stanmer Park

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure

Drop in: £10

Coaches: Rachael, Melissa & Karen R




Hill Training Sunday 12th May

Explore by running

Explore by running – don’t worry we’ll be running along the bottom of here!

Whether you are looking to enjoy a social run off-road with a women’s running community, or you want help to improve your technique, off-road running pace and more, this Sunday’s session has it all.

There are two distances to choose from, 5miles or a 9.5mile route. Both offer stunning views on an off-road route.

Our five-mile route has a gradual incline up to Devil’s Dyke while the return will be downhill and we will work on helping you improve your face and finishing fast.

Don’t worry if you are new to us, or worried about running fast. We always have someone at the back to help those newer runners.

Our 9.5mile route is a hilly one – which means the ups and the downs. It is a beautiful route where we will be coaching – and coaxing – you up the hills. But it is a route that we have picked with recovery sections so you will get the chance to recover – and chat – in between!


Please arrive in time to pay for the run, sign in and be ready for departure promptly at 8.30am.

9.5mile route: Kate or Rachael with Tor and Karen

5 mile route: Kate or Rachael with Mel A

Location: The first car park on the right on Devil’s Dyke Road (pls note, d.d road is after it forks off on the way to devil’s dyke).

Time: 8.15am for an 8.30am departure

Drop in: £10

Spring into running, Sat 13th April, 8.30am

Spring into running

Spring into running

Get your Spring running season on the go this Saturday (usual weekend run is on Sunday except for this week) with our training run for beginners who would like to train for the Heroes 10k – or just want to train for fun.

And don’t miss our ‘Escape & Chase’ special run for those training for Tough Mudder or the Bluebell 10k and 10miler.

All runs are open to everyone even if you have not been before as drop ins  at £10 although they are better value if you purchase a package, which include the cost of the runs and a complimentary training plan.  (except TM).

If you buy a package and can’t make a Sunday run, you can use it at our Yoga for Runners classes on Monday evenings, 6pm.

Routes this Saturday:

Our beginners to 10k run will be 2.5mile flat run along the seafront.

BlueBellers have a final post race run of 6 miles with a steady uphill and a downhill all the way back.

Tough Mudder crew (anyone like to join our crew training for this contact rachael 07855 742195) are on for a five mile run.

But there is a twist…both BB & TM groups will be running together but when the five mile crew turn early, their task will be to increase their pace on their return to avoid being caught. Bluebell runners on six miles, your job is to catch them.

This will help everyone work on their pace and give this week’s training run more focus. No one will get left behind so don’t worry if you are a slower runner, although we will be encouraging you to join in the ‘hunt’ or the escape!


Location: Corner of St Aubyns South and King’s Esplanade (by the trampolines on Hove seafront)

When: Saturday, 8.30am (please arrive before this time as this is when we will leave)

Parking: Seafront metres or King Alfred Centre car park

Price: £10

Coaches: Rachael & Kate

Ambassadors: Elspeth and Melanie L





Stanmer in Spring time, Sunday 7th April

Spring is coming

Spring is coming

Brighten up your Sunday with a run from Stanmer where the daffodils will be on show  – er, along with the Spring sun according to the forecast.

We have two different mileage groups this week, the taper 7miles for our marathon group who will join those training for the BlueBell 10k, also running 7miles.

And the race simulation 10miles for our BlueBell longer distance group, with a lap at the end to help you all focus on race preparation.

We are nearing the final weeks of training for both these groups and so neither are suitable for beginners or those not used to off road running (our new groups for beginners-intermediates start in a few weeks).

And let’s support our marathon runners – their last Sunday run before the big day! We will be organising Support Bases for next Sunday’s marathon.

Please note that next week’s training run will take place on Saturday so that we can support our marathon runners.

Coffees can be enjoyed after at Stanmer House if anyone wants to stop for a drink.


Location: Car Park to the right of the entrance to Stanmer Park

Time: 8.30am run departure

7 mile group & marathon taper, Coach: Melissa, RA: Karen Russell and Melanie Lankester

10mile group: Coach: Kate, RA: Elspeth

Cost: £7 all runs

Running Etiquette:

  • Please arrive in time to pay, and be briefed on the run (we leave at 8.30am so you need to be there before)
  • We run in groups, if you are fast we may give you some extra work (speed repeats or more) to help improve your running while others catch up – don’t worry, this most definitely won’t affect your run speed!
  • Don’t run ahead of the front coach. If you are caught between a front and back group, only proceed on the route if you can see the group up head. If not, wait.
  • If you decide to turn back let one of our ambassadors or coaches know.
  • If you’ve not been before, email us in advance info@fitbitchbootcamp.com

Beginners-Intermediate Running Course starts Jan 30th

Join our next running course

Join our next running course

Are you one of these runners?

‘I don’t like running but feel like I should to keep fit’

‘I wish I could run but I’m not good at it.’

‘I like running but get bored after ten minutes.’

‘I can never get past 5k.’

‘I used to be able to run but I’ve lost my mojo.’

Then you are not unlike hundreds of women who have joined our running club in the last three years but who now love running.

We’ve helped coach hundreds of women to distances they never imagined they would be capable of, much less enjoy. And we are talking 0-5k in four weeks, and to half marathon and marathon level in a year.

But the great thing about running is not the distances or the PBs, it’s that huge endorphin buzz you get, along with the feeling of confidence when you realise you really can achieve anything that you set your mind on.

And then there’s the side effect on your body shape too, no bad thing!

If you want to feel the Fitbitch effect for yourself, join us in training for either 10k or 10miles.

The training group will be geared towards the BlueBell Trail Race  April. You don’t HAVE to run this but it’s great to have a goal and will keep you motivated, especially as you’ll be running it with a group of women who you will have trained with for 12 weeks.

Both courses will start at a distance of four miles (perfect if you have just finished our Beginners 0-5k course). The price of the package will include a training plan, Wednesday (7.30pm) and/or Sunday (8.30am) training, as well as a Fitbitch race t-shirt. (you can choose both sessions or use a half package across either session).

Most Weds sessions take place in Hove, Sunday sessions start from different locations.

For prices and bookings, visit our brand website. If you’re a complete beginner then don’t miss our next 0-5k course, details via the same link.

The Beacon run and the Catch up Course. Sunday 20th January

Don't be fooled - it's not all this level!

Don’t be fooled – it’s not all this level!

As with last week all our runners are starting out together. Meeting at Stanmer park then everyone is heading (ahem) up to Ditchling Beacon. They’ll be no stopping for ice-creams once you’re there though. Not in January anyway. This does start out slightly challenging. I can hear you ask ‘what’s new!’ The last part of the run is a decline and the views make it all worthwhile, even on the ascent. This is the same day that Fitbitch founder Rachael is running the Mumbai marathon and may have completed it before we set out. That’s one way to gear us on.

Half and Full marathon – the distances are 11 and 12 miles, which will take you  west from the Beacon before heading down past the Chattri and back towards Stanmer. The 12 milers will need to add on that extra mile in Stanmer woods at the end of the 11 mile run.

Catch up Course – You are all now more conditioned as a runner and are ready to take on the South Down hills. This requires more muscle recruitment and takes less impact on the joints. So don’t be put off by the H word. When you get to Ditchling Beacon you’ll then take a downhill back to Stanmer and through the woods. Stunning scenery for a 7 mile route.

MEET: The A27 entrance to Stanmer, parking is either the left or right side car parks and we will meet by the two houses at the entrance. Please comment if lifts are needed. Bring extra layers for the post run stretch!

11/12 mile coach: Melissa 07894 146016. Running Ambassadors: Karen and Elspeth. Drop in:£7

Catch up Course coach: Kate 07702983744. Running Ambassador: Mel L. Drop in: £10

TIME: 8:30am.

Runner’s Catch up Course, Starts this Sunday Jan 6th

Jump, smile and run.

Jump, smile and run.


Due to popular request, and due to what we are hearing from many runners, we are going to put on a special ‘catch up’ runners course.

It will be a four-week Sunday run course that will start at 5mile and build to 8miles. STARTS SUNDAY 6TH jANUARY, ENDS 27TH jANUARY

It is suitable for the following:

  • Marathon and Half Marathon runners who are behind on their training and need to catch up in a group environment and gain confidence with their long runs
  • Runners who are just returning from injury but have a good base level of fitness and do not need to start from zero
  • Social runners who are not training for anything but would like to run in a group on some of Fitbitch run club’s glorious routes.

The course costs 40 pounds and must be paid for in advance online here. Drop ins at 10 per Sunday run will ONLY be available if there is sufficient space. We are only accepting 20 runners maximum on this course t provide sufficient coaching and motivational support.

For details of the routes, meeting points etc, you must sign up to this blog and you will receive an email direct to your inbox with all the necessary details.

Sea and Hills, Sunday 25th November

Get your pre-run poses sorted!

For all our runners, from beginners to advanced and anyone new to Fitbitch, this training run will tick all the boxes.

Don’t be scared by the word hill, as this route is more about undulations to help our new runners learn how to cope with gradient to help build strength and technique. And it finishes with a nice flat all the way back.

If you are an advanced runner used to more miles we will be working on tempo instead this Sunday.

Tempo is just as important as putting in the miles and we will work on this during the latter section of this run.

We will be offering a 5 and a 6 mile route, in line with our training plans for the Brighton Marathon and Brighton Half.


Where: Meet Brighton Marina car park in Asda, far end near the car wash

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7

Coaches: Rachael, Kate & Melissa

RA: Karen & Mel A

Beginners & Brighton Half Marathon training group, Weds 31st Oct

Fitbitch run club will help you surpass your run goals – and have fun

If you have signed up to our Brighton Half marathon group, or you’ve been hearing about us for a while and are interested in joining, this Wednesday’s training session is the perfect time to start (if you are a regular, we have a training session for you too!)

In this session, we will assess your running style, posture, biomechanics (with video playback weather and light permitting).
The running aspect will be light and our focus will be on assessing the foundations of your running, and going through the strength and stability work essential for improving your running and helping you stay injury-free.

If you have not signed up to one of our packages (annual or event specific) you can still attend any sessions you would like for £5 on Wednesday and £7 on Sunday.

If you are coming along to this session PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we can ensure we have enough running coaches to provide the attention each runner requires.

DON’T panic if you can’t make this session. Whatever your level, you can drop in at any time to Fitbitch.

Half marathon runners who are regulars with us, you can choose to do this session or the other session that we will post. BROOKS 10K RUNNERS, please note that you will be able to transition to the Half marathon training in November (or intermediates) following a 12 week programme.

Location: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street and the King Alfred Centre

Parking: King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.30pm

Coaches: Rachael(and more depending on numbers)

Price: £5