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Beginner’s Running Course: Notice

lets run

We’re now in our final week TONIGHT for our beginners who will complete their first 5k.

Regrettably, Karen is currently nursing a slight injury and I know that she is very disappointed not to be able to see you finish this week. BUT please go to the usual place on the seafront at Hove where you will be met by Melanie who will ensure you get the coaching and motivational help to reach your target tonight.

Reading this and want to join our next course for total beginners? It starts Weds November 20th …book online Here


5 miles Brooks training or a social run. Sunday 27th October.

Don't take the lonely road to training - take the FitBitch way!

Don’t take the lonely road to training – take the FitBitch way!

This weekend our run is off road, heading towards Devils Dyke with an out and back route. There is  a mile loop by the Devils Dyke pub where the views look over surrounding villages. We will then turn back as we take in the views of the sea.

BROOKS 10k –  This run will allow you to work on pace as the pathway is a gravel surface with only slight incline as we head towards Devils Dyke. If you’re not training for the Brooks 10k this makes a nice, steady social run to keep some distance up before starting on another training plan.

MEET: Second car park on Devils Dyke Road. Please comment if you would like a lift.

TIME: 8:20 to start at 8:30 am.

Coach and R/A: Kate (07702983744). Karen.

Sunday runs cost £10 and are only bookable online. No cash on the day. Bookhere

A flat seafront run. Sunday 6th October.

Seaside running.

Seaside running.

What? FitBitch are doing a run on flat ground! Okay, there is a slight hill in the route but compared to our usual off-road runs, you won’t even notice. The two distances are 13.5 and 4 miles. The flat routes will give you the opportunity to work on pace and build confidence for the Amsterdam half marathon or the Brooks 10k. Our long run finishes directly up from the Saltdean undercliffs where the Rise 8k will be taking place. You can absorb the atmosphere but unfortunately we’ll be missing out on their amazing goodie bags!

While we will try to accommodate newcomers and regulars alike, these longer distance runs of 10 and more miles are NOT suitable if you can not demonstrate gradual mileage build up recently. If you have been injured and then upped your mileage please email us first before booking.

ALL BOOKINGS TO BE MADE HERE – under Sunday running. Price: £10. Payable online only.

MEET: Saltdean Lido car park.

TIME: 8:15 to start at 8:30

Coach and R/a’s: Kate 07702983744, Karen and Tor.

Mind your Ps and Cs…Pace & Conditioning, Weds 25th July

Beginners to advanced, we cater for all at Fitbitch

If you are a beginner and you missed last Wednesday’s first session – and our glorious Sunday morning run, don’t worry. Come along to our next session which will focus largely on conditioning those muscles used for running – and the ones that are not often firing correctly (the bum muscles, and there’s no harm in working those now we’re in bikini season finally!)

For our intermediate runners, it’s time for another pace session to help you improve your speed. For the pace runners, it will be about pushing outside your normal chatting comfort zone to help you work on speed.

Please comment here if you are coming. If you have a yoga mat and skipping rope, please bring it.

Location: The lawns adjacent to Hove Street  next to the King Alfred Centre – link here

Time: 7.30pm

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195



Woodland run. Sunday 1st July. Now meeting at Hove Park Cafe.

If you’ve reached a crossroads then take the FitBitch way.

Join us on a mix of woodland and open land as we run through the beautiful Stanmer Park. Located on the outskirts of Brighton, there is of course some hills! Up and down and up a little bit more. Perfect to work the heart, lungs  and tone the glutes.

There is a choice of two distances.

5 miles: This starts off rather challenging but is worth it for the scenery and the down hill finish. A suitable distance for those who are starting out on the Lake Garda 30k programme, 10k or similar distance runners who want to maintain the mileage and hard work and not forgetting females who can run a flat 4 – 5 miles and would like to train off-road. If you’re not quite there yet but like the sound of these friendly, fitness boosting sessions, we have a beginners programme starting on the 18th July. Less than ten weeks ago we had a group of beginners who haven’t looked back (especially whilst running up hill!) and now they even smile on our training runs. A true inspiration.

8 miles: This route starts off with the 5 miler’s then continues through fields as the shorter route takes a woodland path. There is a great mix of scenery and terrain, passing farm houses and poppy fields, through shaded areas and open land.

Please comment with the distance you intend to do.

Meet: Stanmer Park. Off A27 – past the white houses at the entrance, take the 1st left car park.

Time: 8:30 am

Coaches: Kate 07702983744. Rachael 07855742195. Running ambassador: Tor.

£5 drop in.

Wednesday Welcome to New & regular FitBitch Runners

Revelling in the glory of running. Next stop, Berlin.

Whether you are a regular FitBitch runner, or a completely new to FitBitch (or to running), this Wednesday’s session is not to be missed.

It will be at Hove Lawns, adjacent to Hove Street South, at 7.30pm. Parking in King Alfred centre car park. We’ll be looking at biomechanics, technique and a pace run for Berlin runners.

This is also an opportunity to meet all three running coaches, Rachael, Kate and Melissa, as well as our team of running ambassadors, Tor, Karen, Melanie and er, Melanie.

Who, and what are, FB running ambassadors? They are women just like YOU. Most started as beginners with us, and have now run a few half marathons and even marathons between them.

They are now part of our friendly crew, who are here to help YOU on Sunday runs. They will use their experience to help you run that extra mile, or up that hill, when everything in your brain is telling you to stop.

Why are they qualified? Because they’ve been there and done it – muscles screaming, lungs on fire , but they’ve got up that hill, and overcome that obstacle. (Plus, they have all been trained at our Running School).

This is also an opportunity to discuss up coming training packages for forthcoming events, and our run specific training, for those who have entered other races and want to ensure they get the right type of training.

Want to know what we’ve got lined up, and which package/race might suit you? Read on…

Our training packages include:

Friston Forest 10k, Sunday June 24th. Who is this best for? Beginners who want to train to 10k, and those who can already run 10k who want to focus on speed, and tackling hills. (Scan down our blog posts for training package costs).

Brighton Trail Blazer, 10km Trail Race, Sunday 29th July. Who is this best for? Everyone and anyone who wants to explore the Downs on a beautiful sunny morning. If you miss the Friston Forest package, join us for this.

Firle 7mile and Half Marathon, September 30th. Who is this best for? Beginners who want to train to 7miles, and those who have tackled BlueBell and Friston Forest who want to take on a half marathon. (package prices to come).

Rise The Undercliff Run for Women, October 7th. Who is this for? Everyone but particularly beginners as it is a flat route (although not necessarily wind-free!) and all for women.

Royal Parks Half Marathon, October 7th. Who is this best for? Anyone looking for a  half marathon challenge. That said, it’s sold out so you need to sign up for a charity if you want to do this.(package prices to come)

Fun in the Sun! Lake Garda 15k (less than 10miles) and Marathon, October 14th. Who is this best for? Anyone who wants a rewarding holiday with a group of like minded women!

Also for those who want to go beyond 10k, but don’t want to spend the summer putting in miles for a half marathon.(15k is just under 10miles) Plus our more experienced runners who would really like to smash their PBs by working on speed.

Er, and those who have got the marathon bug, or want to pop their marathon cherry! (package prices to come).

Run Specific Training geared to the following:

South Downs Half Marathon, Sunday 9th June. Who is this best for? Those who are already up to 10miles, who want to focus on building distance and mastering hills.

Spartan Super Sprint,  Redhill, Sunday July 22nd. Who is this best for? Those who just want to get fit and don’t want to run miles (it’s only 3miles) and for the seasoned FitBitch runner who wants to add a different element to training – you’ll be amazed at how obstacles change your running experience!

North Devon Half Marathon, Sunday 24th June. Who is this best for? As above

Whether you are part of our club, a complete beginner, returning to running or just want to be part of a friendly, sociable and inspirational women’s running revolution, NOW is the time!

Please comment here if you are coming, and tell us which runs you are interested in. Don’t worry, commenting here is no obligation!

See you on Wednesday, rain, shine, wind or snow!

Conditioning for Runners, Weds 4th April

Conditioning for all

Conditioning is a vital part of training for any runner, whether you are a beginner or seasoned strider. Why?

Imagine a ball that is not pumped up properly. Try to bounce it and it spends longer in contact with the floor and will not rebound high. In contrast, a  pumped up ball spends less time in contact with the floor and bounces high.

This is the difference between a conditioned muscle and an unconditioned muscle. The better your condition, the less injury you will have and the more efficient you will as a runner.

Ahem, and let’s not forget, a toned muscle looks a darn sight more attractive too!

This training session will focus on this area and is suitable for all levels of runner. If you have a yoga mat please bring it, along with a skipping rope if you have one.


Location: Lawns by Hove Street South

Time: 7.30pm

Parking: King Alfred’s Car Park

Coach: Rachael

Drop in: £5

Strength & Conditoning Training, Wed 1st Feb

Conditioning for runners session

This week we are focusing on strength and conditioning, a part that many runners neglect in their training but which is as vital as the running itself (and the flexibility work…ahem!)

We don’t want you to miss out on your pace work though so we will start with a few fast 1k pace runs, building on from our focus at last week’s training.

Please arrive on time – you are late you will have to wait for us at the lifeguards hut where we will be returning (fairly rapidly!).

This session will involve running, kettlebells, biomechanics exercises and more. Wrap up WARM! Layers can be shed for the running session but you will need layers and gloves for the second half (my car will be parked there for things to be left in).

Coach: Rachael
Drop in: £5
Location: Hove Lawns,near Hove Street South and King Alfred Centre. Meet lifeguard hut, same place as last week.
Parking: King Alfred Centre
Time: 7.30pm

Hurry! Don’t miss our courses starting this week

You’re feeling nervous about not being fit enough to run with everyone? What if you get left behind? What if you’re the slowest?

Don’t worry, almost all of our runners have probably thought this before they joined us. And they are all still with us, and now running half marathons and more

Whatever your level, our run club is for you. We’ll provide expert coaching, friendly faces and lots and lots of support. Don’t delay.

Run off the festive excess, get fit and feel fab right the way through the dreary first few months of the year with our brand new courses for beginners and intermediates.

Total Beginner? Join our new 0-5k ‘Have your cake and eat it club’ from Lark on Lowther, starting Friday 9.30am at 11th January

Beginner-Int after a challenge? Train for the Birling 10k on March 23rd – our longest run starts at just 2miles. Starts Weds Jan 2nd

Beginner-Int to 10k or 10miles? Train for the hilly BlueBell run. Starts Jan 30th

For more information read our Dream Season newsletter here

Want to go ahead and book? Click here

Pace Training, Weds 24th Jan, 7.30pm

What is pace? And why is it important anyway?

The reason regular target pace training is essential is that your body learns to adapt to running at this pace. It means your body will achieve greater metabolic and neuromuscular efficiency and become less fatigued as you become used to training at this pace. But most importantly, you’ll feel confident of your ability to run at this pace comfortably.

We will cover this, along with exploring your realistic ‘race pace’,  at this week’s training.

DON’T worry if you are a new runner. This session will also work if you want to build up your distance, or just get stronger. The pace will fit for each individual runner.

If you are one of our half marathon or full marathon runners though, please try the Running World Race Time Predictor before the session to get an idea of your race pace. And if you have one, bring your training watch and try to stick to this pace.

Be realistic though. You may want to run a half marathon in 1hr 35mins, but if your best time last year was 2hrs 10mins, it is unlikely. Yes,  you should push yourself for improvement but within the parameters that your current training indicates.

Notice how we bamboozle you with the theory without actually mentioning what we’re doing…

The training session will be 2miles at race pace with a jog to recover. We will aim to repeat this two or three times depending on time.


Location: Meet Life Guards hut, the lawns adjacent to Hove Street South

Parking: King Alfred Centre

Drop in: £5

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195

Bags and valuables? Leave in your car- bring water and we can leave by the lifeguard hut.