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The PSF session, Weds 12th November

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Pace, speed and flexibility all come under scrutiny this week at run club. Suitable for ALL levels regardless of experience, this will be a great, friendly session to get you feeling fantastic and confident of your running.

If you are thinking of joining us for the Brighton Half Marathon package (prices and details under Running Courses) which starts the following week, then it is also a good opportunity to come down and see what we do before signing up to the course.

For our runners undertaking the Brooks 10k this Sunday, the session will leave you feeling confident about your race goals with some flex work to help your joints feel well oiled!

Location: Hove seafront, adjacent to the King Alfred Leisure centre (parking in the centre)

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm start and warm up

Coach:Rachael, 07855 742195

Price: £5 payable online here  by choosing Weds fitness



Brighton Half Marathon & Marathon Course

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If you’ve seen our photograpahs of our recent Amsterdam Half Marathon trip on our Facebook page, you will  have seen that training in a group together can make running fun, rewarding and help to ensure you make your distance even when you feel like staying in bed!

Now it’s your chance. Our Brighton Half Marathon training course starts on Weds 20th November.

What do you get:

  • 11 X Weds 7.30pm training sessions incorporating strength training to help prevent injury and make you more efficient
  • 10 X Sunday runs from 8.30am off road and on road to help you build you distance in a supportive environment, all with women training for the same race
  • A training plan, expert coaching guidance and fun

You can either book the entire course, or just Weds or Sundays. Drop ins will continue to be available for all but the most cost efficient way is to book the course. FULL course, £129 Sundays only £90.

We would also encourage those new to us, to book the course so we can work with you and develop your running with the right degree of attention.

PLEASE note, that the Sunday part of the course is ONLY open to runners who can currently, and regularly run four miles. If you need help reaching this mileage between now and Weds 19th, please get in touch for one to one help.

(FRunClub closes for Xmas December 22nd and returns on Sun Jan 5th)


Want to join our women only marathon training? You will need to fulfill the following pre-requisites

1. Train with us throughout our half marathon training to achieve a time of 2hrs 05mins or less so you can then join our 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 miles training runs throughout Feb-April.

2. OR be able to send us a link to show your recent half marathon time of under 2hrs 5mins in which case, you will able to join just our long training runs in Febuary if you prefer.

This will allow our long run training group to stay together at a similar pace.  Our prices and booking for the half marathon to marathon training will be released in the next few weeks. Long run training will be led by Karen Russell, a veteran of three marathons and experienced in endurance running.

Our marathon coaches Rachael and Kate are also available for one to one marathon coaching (for men and women). BEtween them they’ve run 9 marathons, from Mumbai to New York, Lake Garda to London.

They help improve your technique, make you more efficient as a runner with strength and flex conditioning and help  with all your questions about nutrition, race psychology, training kit and more.




TO all our runners, and those who are thinking of joining us for our Brighton Half Marathon training which starts VERY SOON

In order to help us plan our half marathon and marathon training packages, please can you fill out the following poll. Preferably TODAY before 5pm October 11th.

Winter warmer run, Sunday 9th Dec **7.30am start**

Fitbitch Run club, opens the way to new running achievements

Fitbitch Run club, opens the way to new running achievements



Brrrr, it’s cold. But how beautiful are your training runs right now? Blue skies, sun and crisp leaves underfoot.

If you came to our Stanmer Park run last Sunday you will know just what we are talking about. If not, then don’t miss out this weekend with our sea to Downs run.

This week’s route will start on the flat along the bottom of the cliff from the Marian to just before Rottingdean, helping to warm you up before we hit the hills.

Up over Rottingdean, the hill training will reward you with stunning views over the sea and Downs.

As ever, these sunday runs to build up your distance are essential for our half marathon and marathon group so do try to be there. sorry about the early hour! All of us coaches are providing the training workshop for the Brighton Half so we need to ensure we are back – and have eaten – beforehand.

There will be a 6.5 and 7mile run on offer. PLEASE COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING, AND FOR WHICH DISTANCE.

Coaches: Rachael (TBC), Kate and Melissa

Run ambassadors: Mel A & Elspeth (7miles) & Mel Lankester (6.5)

Cost: £7

Time: 7.30am

Meet: Marina Car Park nearest Asda (we will run through the Marina along the boardwalk to the cliff path)

Opening up to the Downs, Sunday 2nd Dec

Nothing but clouds, air and gossip!

We’ve enjoyed some beautiful seafront runs and now it’s time to see the beauty of the Downs.

We will be offering a 6 and 7 mile run this Sunday, for anyone who would like to join us.

This is part of the Brighton Marathon and Half Marathon training plan,  and anyone in these groups do try to come as we will be tackling some hills which will  help to condition both your muscles and mental strength for race day.

And what better place to do it on the downs out of Stanmer Park? Here the beauty of the surrounding countryside more than makes up for the extra effort it takes to get up on top.

Don’t worry about being too slow to keep up, we have lots of running ambassadors and coaches to keep you  technique, tips and chat to keep you going!

At the end of this run, you really will feel on top of the world. (Psst, they also do a cracking breakfast at Stanmer House!)

Mince Pie 10mile runners: If you want to do a group run but need to up your distance, we would recommend you do this run and finish with 5 hills up to the treeline and back to replicate as much as possible next weekend’s race.


Location: the car park NEXT TO the church at the top of the park (drive in and follow the road round – you can’t miss it)

Price: £7

Time: 8.30am – please be prompt and arrive with the time to pay so we can get going on the dot

Coaches: Rachael, Melissa & Kate

Run ambassadors: Mel, Tor and Elspeth

Improve your running with strength and conditioning. Wednesday 16th May.

Strength and conditioning ‘train’ing the FitBitch way.

Strength and conditioning is a vital part of training for any runner. It will decrease the risk of injury and increase muscular strength and running performance.  As always we acknowledge that our runners are at different levels, so each exercise is adapted accordingly. If you are training for the Friston Forest 10k, Brighton Trailblazer or the South Downs half, then this is a session not to be missed. The exercises are all running specific and will help you get up those hills and recruit the muscles required. If you are new to training and possibly pondering on taking on a challenge in the future, now is the best time to embark on strength and conditioning. Plus it’s an opportunity to workout using the FitBitch handbags!

It is important to leave a comment so I know how many to expect, so I can bring enough equipment.

Meet: Hove Lawns, adjacent to Hove Street South. Parking at King Alfreds.

When: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Ambassador: Melanie Anning

£5 drop in fee.

Last long Marathon Training run! Sunday 25th March.

Lucy looking pleased on the 19 mile route and ready for the 21 miles.

Our final long training run! It’s a biggie, 21 miles. But we’re keeping it flat and on road. We will meet at Hove train station at an earlier time of 7.40, to catch the 7.51 train to Goring-by-Sea (a 31 minute train journey, costing around £6). REMEMBER THE CLOCKS CHANGE!

Our running route then takes us along the coast to Shoreham Beach, over the footbridge and continues to Brighton Pier before heading back to Hove. We finish in Hove Park, which is very close to the train station and has the Cafe for a much needed refreshment, or slice of cake!

Sunday should be treated as a mock marathon run with preparation, hydration, nutrition and recovery being the way you are planning it for the actual marathon. Carbohydrates need to be eaten on the Saturday but do not try anything new that you’re unsure how your digestive system copes with. Keep hydrated and sip water throughout Saturday and Sunday morning. A good idea is to bring a throw away water bottle to sip on the train and a small snack, such as a banana. Think of it as waiting at the starters village and what you will have then.

Keep an eye on the weather forecast and dress accordingly. A light top layer to keep you warm on the journey and for the first few miles, is a good idea. This can always be tied around the waist. Get everything ready the night before and aim for at least 8 hours sleep.

Call me if you need any further advice and please comment if you are joining us.

Meet: Hove Station forecourt @ 7:40am.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in:£5

Wednesday 18th January. Become a conditioned runner and avoid injuries in your training.

Strength training to stay injury-free

Running injuries can be avoided if you strengthen, condition and stretch during the course of a training schedule. There’s no benefit to overlooking this part of training, or leaving it to days before a big event, such as a half or full marathon. For runners, muscular strength and efficiency are essential for maintaining the posture and joint ranges of motion associated with proper running techniques. This session will give you the opportunity to use equipment such as kettlebells to enhance your conditioning work and challenge your muscles.

As tempting is it may be to put the training in but fail to stretch, you will suffer with muscle soreness which could lead to injury. We will show you how to stretch safely before and after your workout. Combined with the regular conditioning work, your body will be protected from the rigours of the road.

Where: Hove Lawns (opposite the bottom of 3rd and 4th Avenue)

Time: 7:30pm

Trainer: Kate 07702983744

Please comment if you are joining us.

If you have gloves with some grip please wear them for kettlebell work.

Devil’s Dyke run complete!

Get ready for some pace running

Getting up on a Sunday morning for an 8.30am run may seem hard. But if you’re meeting lots of other women who are all waiting for you, it does make it easier. And once you’re on the run itself, time and most crucially those pesky miles go past so quickly.

Today, there were a variety of different distances and speeds from 6miles to just over 11miles. A fantastic, sunny run over the beautiful Downs.

Our next meet in Wednesday 26th January, 7.30pm for a pace run. Location Marroccos on Hove Seafront. All Brighton & Hove women are welcome on drop-in basis of £5. This is suitable for ALL levels. Contact Rachael fbfitness@aim.com or call 07855 742195.