Happy New Year!!


Hurrah, we’re back this Sunday for our first run of 2014 visit our new website www.fitbitchrunningclub.com for all bookings and details

What an amazing 2013 we’ve had with 33,000 views on our blog and triple that number of steps run between us.

From marathons to trial runs, five km to 10kms improver races, we’ve helped total beginners to run and seen huge improvements in speed, endurance and strength from our regular runners.

Here’s to a successful 2014 and introducing even more women to the amazing, confidence, endorphin and butt boosting joy of running.

Some changes this year to note – we have launched our brand new website www.fitbitchrunningclub.com and will be disbanding this wordpress site. ALL BOOKINGS AND DETAILS OF TRAINING ARE NOW online at the new site and bookings are to be made from there.

With regards to this week’s run, we will be making an amendment due to the risk of flooding at the river Adur but you will receive an email regarding this once you have booked.



Wednesday 18th December last training session of 2013

It's Christmas!

It’s Christmas!

It’s almost Christmas and our last training session of the year. We’ll be bringing some festive fun to a hill workout this Wednesday.

The session will help boost the muscles that engage during running, the leg muscles and the core muscles. The quadriceps, calves, and hamstrings will be tested to a level to help improve your running performance. If this doesn’t sound like fun then you’ll be surprised how we can disguise a thorough workout with a Christmas theme. You’ll have to wait until Wednesday to find out what Santa has in store!

TIME and MEETING POINT: Madeira Drive. Outside Peter Pan playground at 7.30pm till 8.30.

COACH: Kate 07702 983744

Price: £5 drop in payable online in advance. If you have booked a course, please still book in for your session. click here



Stanmer and beyond, Sunday 15th December

What could be at the end of this trail?

What could be at the end of this trail?

This Sunday we are running seven miles of Stanmer and over Ditchling Beacon. There’s stunning views, woodland trails and some hills. Not all up though, we’ve got a downhill for the way back.

It’s our last Sunday run of 2013 and we’re finishing on one of our favourite routes. It’s slightly challenging in places but gives an added bonus to your half marathon training. Because of the hills and off-road terrain your lower body works harder, recruiting the muscles more with less impact on the joints. Social runners are welcome to join us as long as you are up to this distance on off-road running.

MEET and TIME: First car park on the right as you drive into Stanmer Park from the A27 @ 8.20 am for an 8.30 start

Coaches and R/A’s: Kate (07702 983744), Sarah and Tor

Price, £10, bookable online only. If you need or can offer a lift then please post on our facebook page.

The Pyramids of Brighton, Weds 11th

2013-10-20 11.50.59

Learn what the right pace feels like so you don’t have to write it on your arm

You’re right we are not talking about Cairo here but a training technique suitable for ALL levels, whether you want to join us for a one off session or are a regular.

It involves running a variation of distances to build up to a peak, and then returning back down the pyramid to your starting distance.

It is great for working on pace, helping you to get a handle on what your pace should be over distance and for mental focus.

It does not matter what level you are right now, our pyramids are an effective way of building pace and speed, or just distance if you are a complete beginner.

None of these distances will be long, so don’t worry!

Location: Hove seafront, near King Alfred Centre

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm start

Coach: Rachael

Price: £5 drop in payable online in advance. If you have booked a course, please still book in for your session. click here



Truleigh Hill run, Saturday 7th Dec

Hmm, no 'which way did they go?' required on this route

Hmm, no ‘which way did they go?‘ required on this route

If you’re building up for the Brighton Marathon, Half Marathon, or simply wanting to enjoy a social run then DON’T miss this 6 mile run this weekend (please note if you are new to us, you MUST have run this distance recently to attend).

It’s a hilly one, aimed to build strength and endurance in both body and mind. It is an out and back route so there are no complicated turns to make.

Simply run with a Fitbitch running buddy and enjoy the spectacular views – and the motivating chat to get you up those hills.

We will be meeting slightly earlier to ensure those who would like to, can return to the seafront to meet our other runners – and kids – taking part in the Santa Dash!

Location: Devil’s Dyke car park (please note parking is £2)

Time: 8am for a strict 8.05am departure

Coach: Rachael & RA Sarah

Price: £10 payable online. If you have purchased a course please also book in using your coupon code.

Need a lift? Please leave a message on our fAcebook page www.facebook.com/inspirationalwomensfitness or on our Fitbitch Running Club facebook group.

Resilient runners, Wednesday 4th December

Don't hold back with the training!

Don’t hold back with the training!

In order to become a better, more resilient runner, it’s important to also train the front and transverse planes of movement. Confused? That’s why we are here. Wednesday will once again focus on strength and conditioning that can benefit runners in numerous ways and help prevent injury.

The session will be in circuit formation and will involve some bodyweight exercises so bring a mat if you have one. We remain thorough on coaching correct technique so it’s still suitable for any one who hasn’t attended our sessions before.

MEET: Outside the lifeguard hut (corner of Hove Street and parking at King Alfred).

TIME: 7.30 -8.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702 983744)

Book online here


Stunning Sea to Downs, Sunday 1st December

Trail running and sea views.

Trail running and sea views.

Pinch, punch first day of the month…enjoy your spectacular run with us this weekend on a run that will go from tarmac to off-road, and from flat to hills.

This 5mile run is the first of our off road route to help build distance and strength.

We are operating a new system on ALL off road routes where you will be buddied up with someone of your own pace, who you must remain with throughout the run. We will match you on the day (please note there will also be a turn and return policy in place which we shall explain on the day).

Enjoy the flat, tarmac path along the Undercliff heading out towards Rottingdean to focus on your cadence (er, or Sunday chat!) before heading inland and up!

This route is NOT suitable if you have not been training with our half marathon group. You are welcome to come in as a drop in member only if you have recently run this distance.

Location: Brighton Marina Asda Car Park (please bring money for parking)

Time: 8.20am for a strict 8.30am start

Price: Payment online only – click HERE

Coaches: Rachael and Tor


Interval training, Weds 27th

hands up who wants to learn to run?

hands up who loves Weds run fitness?

Whether you’re part of our new Brighton Half Marathon training group, or you’re a beginner or beyond who wants to drop in, come and join us this week for some interval training.

Perfect for all levels because interval training is just about running short distances (at speed for those experienced runners), although we will combine this session with interval strength & conditioning work, focusing on the butt and the core.

This is essential for ALL runners to help prevent injuries and make you stronger. It also happens to be great for getting you into shape for Xmas. A win win!

Anyone new should fill out our online joining form before attending, which takes a few minutes.

Please book online to secure your space. If you have an exercise mat, please bring it.

Location: Hove Street, parking in King Alfred Centre on the seafront

Time: 7.25pm for a strict 7.30pm warm up

Coach: Rachael

Book online here



Important dates and details

Please note that December 8th’s Sunday run will switch to Saturday 7th December (those who would like to take part in Saturday’s Santa Dash should still be able do to this fun run with the Fitbitch crew led by Kate Boys).

On the Sunday, the run club will at the MInce Pie 10mile off road route – anyone who’d like to race and is fit for this distance, come along!

OUr running club will be undergoing some changes over the next six to eight weeks, including the launch of a new website.

When it goes live, all those needing Sunday lifts or anyone with questions about running, training, one to one marathon training, training plans etc can post to our Facebook group, now live at www.facebook.com/groups/fbdashinistas or Tweet us @fbbootcamp

We will also be sending out notes to all our Brighton Half Marathon runners about protocol on off road routes from now on so look out for them and please read! (They will be sent sometime next week).


Seafront start to half marathon training. Sunday 24th November.

Share the experience.

Share the experience.

Whether you’re after a social run or your Brighton half marathon training has started, our Sunday route this week is a flat seafront 4 mile run. This distance is the perfect starting block for your training and by keeping it flat it will allow you to focus on the pace you anticipate to run the full distance at. Even if you are one of our regular runners and you have been running longer distances recently, keeping the mileage less and building up again will help your body recover for further training. Plus it’s a good one for a fast, flat run.

Our half marathon training runs are a great way to find your running buddy and share the experience with new or old friends. Being part of the FitBitch community offers fantastic camaraderie and support during the training and on the day of the running event.

MEET: outside Marroccos cafe. King’s Esplanade. Hove.

TIME: 8.20 am for a pre run brief. Run starts at 8.30 prompt.

Coach: Kate (07702 983744). R/A: Tor.

Price, £10, bookable online only.