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Training PLUS new running courses, Weds June 19th

Who wants to learn to run?

Who wants to learn to run?

Learn how to transform YOUR running style with the correct technique and posture in our Biomechanics Workshop, £10, this week (included free in the cost of our upcoming courses).

This workshop will help lay the foundations for becoming a good runner if you’re a beginner, and/or improve your running if you are already running regularly. But most importantly, it could help prevent potential injury by spotting weaknesses now.

Where possible we shall also include video playback within the session. The workshop is open to ALL (booking below) but spaces are STRICTLY limited.

First priority to Annual Members (please book online to secure your space via the link below) and any one booking our new courses which start THIS WEDS.

We have a beginners 12 week Half Marathon programme (the first ‘long’ run will start at 2.5miles) which will help you get in shape this summer, as well as train you for any of the following races: Bacchus Half, Firle or Bristol Half Marathon.

OR our BRAND NEW 6 week Beginner’s Trail Running Course (this will get ready to run the Brighton Trail Blazer).

We will ONLY be running both courses if we have sufficient numbers. In the case of the Trail running Course, there will be NO drop-ins on this course. Please consult our Prices and Booking pages (links at the bottom) for Terms & Conditions.

For our regular runners who do not want to attend the workshop, this week’s session will focus on  Strength & Conditioning for Runners. Bring your mats, rollers and skipping ropes.

Courses and workshops can be booked at the links on the bottom. For the strength and conditioning session, please comment here if you are coming.

Book the Biomechanics For Running Workshop here

Book the Beginners 12 Weeks to Half Marathon Course here

Book the 6 Week Trail Running Course here

Location for both sessions: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa

Time: 7.30-8.30pm

Drop in price for S&C: £5


Blackberries & Mirabelles, Training Sun 16th, 8.30am



Scenery Sunday – the view from the top

If you ran Firle last week, carry on your running buzz with this fantastic training run this Sunday and don’t let all that training now slip.

As for all those who are training for the Rise 8k, Garda 15k, 30k or marathon, don’t miss climbing the next rung in your running ladder toward your goal on race day.

If you are new to run club but already running four miles or more please feel free to come along. Total beginner? Training starts Sept 26th.

As per your plans we will be offering the following distances: 4, 7 and 15 miles. Those who want to go longer,  the four and seven mile routes are an out and back and easy to navigate to enable you to run further before turning back.

If you are a beginner though, or just returning to running after injury/having a baby/or just having slipped off the running wagon, do not be tempted to run miles longer than you have done recently.

Where will the route go? It will go up to just before Devil’s Dyke, a steady and gradual climb before heading out to Edburton Hill (there’s a clue there somewhere) and returning.

Those going longer, we’ll get most of the hills out of the way with fresh legs before going down to Bramber Castle and back along to Poynings. But keep something in the tank, you’ve got to get back up to the Dyke to go downhill to the end!

For all our runners, it’s blackberry-tastic up there so you may want to bring your tupperware post run to go picking. Those going long, we can fuel our running with nature’s bounty – the mirabelles are out!


Location: Second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road (just before Brighton & Hove Golf Club ) Map here Free parking

15 mile route with Rachael 07855 742195

7 mile & 4 mile route with Melissa, 07984 146016

Running ambassadors, Melanie Anning (short) Karen Russell and Tor Del Federico (medium)




Become a stronger runner. Wednesday 12th September Hills and conditioning.

Core Conditioning for runners

Running isn’t just about putting one foot in front of the other. Runners need strong, conditioned muscles and although the legs do the work,  stable core strength is required. Wednesdays session will target all over muscle strength including the glutes to improve hamstring and calf flexibility. There are hills involved to help with the strength work as well as increasing cardio performance.

With the Firle runs last Sunday being a huge success, we have flatter runs on our current training plans. After some hill and conditioning training, the flat runs seem that little bit easier. Rise and Garda runners, they are a must! Plus there will be a chance to mix up your training with some fun activities I promise!

Meet: In front of Peter Pan playground. Madeira Drive. If you have a foam roller and a mat then please bring them.

Time 7.30 – 8.30 pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in £5.

Please comment and wear wrist bands if you have them.

Wednesday 29th August. Pace and speedwork.


Jump, smile and run.

Get the trainers back on tomorrow for some more running. This week it’s pace and speed training to help improve your overall running performance. As with all our Wednesday sessions, this is suitable for all abilities and there is no set distance. Goals will be set depending on individual abilities. We aim to keep you motivated throughout your training and help you become a more conditioned runner, reducing the risk of injury.

Garda girls, Firle and Rise runners keep on top of your training and join us this Wednesday. Please comment if you are coming along.

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Meet: Hove Street,  Promenade near King Alfred car park.

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Drop in £5


Will it be a winning Wednesday! Pace session. Wednesday 8th August.


Our own FitBitch Olympians.

If there’s ever a time to be inspired to get the running shoes on, it’s got to be now! Olympic fever is phenomenal. At our running club, there’s no expectations of how fast or far you can run. Although we have been known to get you to visualize you’re an Olympic athlete, to improve your running style.

This Wednesday it’s a pace session which is part of the training plan for all the Lake Garda distances, Firle and our 10k beginners. The pace and intensity are dependant on your individual pace and current fitness level. The purpose is to constantly reprogram your body to run further and slightly faster to avoid plateauing. Bolt didn’t win gold by cruising in his comfort zone during training.

Come  join us and be your own winner.

Meet: Hove Promenade. Bottom of Hove Street, by the King Alfred car park and lifeguard hut.

Time: 7:30 – 8:30pm

Coach: Kate

£5 drop in.


Stanmer Park and beyond. Sunday 15th July.

Escape to the country this Sunday

This Sunday we are taking to the woodland trails at Stanmer Park. There are two distances of 7 miles and 10 miles. Both start out together as we will run from Stanmer, through the village and up towards Ditchling Beacon. The 7 mile route loops back with some downhill as the pathway takes you back towards Falmer village. The 10 mile route keeps heading towards Lewes before looping back.

Both distances provide lovely scenery. Running past farms and views over Plumpton as we cover some of The South Downs Way.

Lake Garda 30k and the Firle half are on 7 miles for this week. The Lake Garda marathon is 10 miles. There is no rule that you need to be training for these events to join us. If you are familiar with off-road running or similar distances then come along. Comment with your distance and if you need or can offer a lift. The Stanmer House is now open for Breakfast. Always nice to end a long run with some food, especially if it’s made for you!

Meet: Stanmer Park, entrance off the A27. First car park on the left.

Time: 8:30am

Coaches: Kate 07702983744. Melissa 07894146016. Ambassador: Mel A.