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Wednesday 6th November run training – strength and stamina.

Light up and run.

Light up and run.

The Brooks 10k is almost upon us, marathon season is approaching and Winter has kicked in! What better time to beat any blues and add variety to your weekly training or to keep up and improve on the fitness that you have already built up.

This Wednesdays session is a mix of both strength work and an interval method that has proven to take minutes of athletes personal best race times. Don’t be afraid if you’re fairly new to running, you won’t be expected to take off like a firework but your legs may start to feel the beneficial burn.

There’s no need to bring anything except warm layers and water.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here



Be an injury free runner with strength and conditioning workouts. Wednesday 23rd October.

FitBitch fun

FitBitch fun

Amsterdam completed, next up is the Brighton Brooks 10k. If you’re not already one of our regular runners then come and train with us for some amazing experiences and friendships. This Wednesday the session will be focusing on strength and conditioning work. Not just on our lower bodies but also the core and upper body. Core muscles are fundamental in stabilising us and the arms play their role too. Try running with your arms by your side! Stronger arms will help us gain power when running but don’t be alarmed, you won’t walk away looking like Popeye!

The session will be mainly compound exercises where you’ll be using a variety of muscle groups with a small amount of running thrown in. If you do have a mat them please bring it along.

PLACE AND TIME: Lifeguard hut, corner of Hove Street (parking at King Alfred car park) @ 7.30 pm

COACH: Kate (07702983744)

£5 please book online here

Sunday at Stanmer – 5 miles. 20th October.

Woodland trails

Woodland trails

Stanmer Park in Autumn is not to be missed for any local runner. The kaleidoscope of bright colours and the crunching under the feet on this woodland route certainly make for a scenic Sunday morning run. The course starts through Stanmer Village before a slow, steady climb. Once you reach the top you will feel invigorated as you wind down through Stanmer woods.

Brooks 10k runners – Having an incline in your training plan will help to keep the muscles conditioned and will make the flat 10k course that bit easier. This is also open to social runners who have recently completed at least 4 miles.

Sunday runs cost £10 and are only bookable online. No cash on the day. Book here

Running support crew: Kate (07702983744) and Tor.

Meet: The first car park on the right as you enter Stanmer from the A27. Time: 8.20 am for a prompt 8.30 start.



Tempo training. Wednesday 24th October.


A quick dash from the horse was needed, hurrah for the tempo sessions!

Are you stagnating with your pace or even slowing down and do you want to get stronger and faster as a runner? Tempo training suits all abilities of runners and is a great way to spice up your training. You’ll be running at a faster pace than your steady jog which will train the body’s ability to take in more oxygen and use it to make energy in the muscles. It also helps prevent or delay the burning feeling that can occur in the muscles during running. Don’t get into the habit of training at the same pace, your body gets used to it and there’s no improvement plus the repetitive stride pattern will tighten the muscles and joints and make you more susceptible to injury. Brooks 10k runners and Spartan girls make that race a bit easier and get some tempo training in your programme. Or be a stride ahead with your Brighton full and half marathon training.

ARE YOU JOINING US? Please comment so we can provide enough Running Coaches.

Meet: Hove promenade, bottom of Hove Street, near King Alfred car park.

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in: £5

A run for everyone. Sunday 30th September.

FitBitch energy!

Some of you are nearing the end of your training plan and some are starting out. There’s always a goal to go for at our running club. We have distances and a mix of terrain to suit everyone from the Brooks 10k beginners, to our Rise and Garda girls. If you are amongst these groups, or out for a social run, our sessions are a fantastic and very friendly way to train. You may have heard certain names and stories of inspiration from some of our runners, so why not come along and see for yourself what all the excitement is about.

What we are offering this week:

Brooks 10k beginners – 2.5/3 miles flat jog (or jog/walk, depending on ability).  The focus is on building up distance, running at your own pace and an opportunity to meet fellow Brooks 10k runners.

Rise 8k runners – 5 miles mix of flat and hills. The last run to put the mileage in before race day. You will be covering a section of the Rise run, great way to put you in the spirit for next week.

The 2 and 5 miles lead by Melanie Anning.

Garda 15k runners – 9 miles mix of flat and hills. Lead by Kate (07702983744) with Mel L as back up runner. The final long route before tapering.

Garda 30k – 13 miles mix of flat and hills. Lead by Rachael (07855742195) with Tor as back up runner. A refreshing taper run.

It is important to comment if you are joining us, or if you have any questions and we can reply or contact you back.

Meet: Asda car park Brighton Marina Village. Near the steps that take you to the undercliffs.

Time: 8.30 am

Drop in £5 for Garda Girls. New prices in effect this Sunday, £7 drop in

Women’s Running: Beginners & Biomechanics, Weds 27th September

Who wants to become a runner?

Want to start running, or return to running and get off on the right foot? Then don’t miss this Wednesday’s training session specifically designed for you. (please note, there will be another session for our regular runners).

Don’t worry if you have never run before, or not done so for a while, as this session will focus on techniques involving your posture, gait, and footstrike to help make your running easier and with less chance of injury.

Even if you are a regular runner who is prone to injury, this session will be a worthwhile one, helping to pinpoint weaknesses in the way your body moves, that could be resulting in injury – or that will eventually lead to injury if you do not address it now.

Start with this session to help build the foundations to becoming a strong runner, like the hundreds of women who are now regular Fitbitch runners.


What do you need to bring? Nothing except yourselves, your usual running shoes and wear something warm as there will be some standing. Also a yoga mat to lie on although we have some you can borrow.

time: 7.30pm

Price: £5 drop in, or book our packages entitling you to a training plan for 10k, t-shirt and either 8 or 15 runs to be used across any Weds or Sunday. Book here

Where: the lawns adjacent to Hove Street, by King Alfred Centre where you can park.  Map here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195