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Did you know…?

Fitbitch, where you have fun and get fit no matter what the conditions

Fitbitch, where you have fun and get fit no matter what the conditions

That we have a dedicated Facebook page, where we list special offers, shoe reviews, recipes and much more?

Spread the word and ‘Like’ our page and you could win a complimentary place (new members to camps only) in our next Inspire Camp, starting on Monday. Our 350th like will win the jackpot so tell your friends.


And don’t forget our beginners 0-5k courses start this Friday and Monday as part of our ‘Have your cake and eat it’ brand. (i.e meet at a cafe, end the run at a cafe = ergo, slice of cake guilt free after your run).


Run training for Beginners, Brooks 10k & Spartan Nov 4th

Hands up who loves Sunday Run club!

Have you just joined us this week and are training for the Brighton Half, or considering it? Or are you part of our club training for the Brooks 10k or Spartan Beast.

Whatever the case, we have a training run specifically geared for you this Sunday.
Beginners – whether you are a complete newbie, or you came to our Wednesday technique session this week, this run is for you.

It’s a flat, 4mile route along the sea (with a few surprises!) to give you a chance to focus on your technique. (If you find the route too long you can turn and return at any time on your own as the route is easily navigable).Coach: Rachael with RA Elspeth Hayde

Brooks 10k runners – last week was a hilly one, so this week it is about focusing on race strategy. We will be working on pace with a flat 5mile route along the seafront. Coach: Melissa with RA Mel Lankester

Spartanor those who want to go long. Get ready for a 10mile route that will take in strength and conditioning along the route, to replicate what you could face on November 18th. Think stairs, commando crawls and hills.

Climbing up from the seafront to the Downs, get ready for some surprise conditioning all the way along the route. Coach: Kate with RA Karen Russell


Where to meet: Marrocco’s, 8 kING’S eSPLANADE, Hove seafront (Parking at King Alfred centre or pay and display on the road) – Stay for a coffee after the run if you fancy!

Time: 8.30am

Drop in: £7

Ready to join us? Beginners and beyond

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Last Sunday 22nd april was a Super Sunday – we had our latest beginners to 10k runners reach their goal with a seriously hill 10k trail race.

And we are, or were talking beginners here. We know starting off it can be tempting to stick to a 5k but with 8 weeks training you can take on something longer just like these girls and succeed.

Our next 0-10k starts Weds 2nd May (details of packages here) although don’t wait until then but come and join us this Wednesday – details to come.

It was a Super Sunday though as we also had a lot of our runners doing the 10mile trail run too, including our new Running Ambassador, Tor, (seen sprinting in the picture above) who will be using her experience to help new runners on our Sunday training runs.

Tor started as a total beginner too and dreaded the hills. Now look at her…she willingly enters a hilly 10miles and sprints just after a seriously hilly finish!

And let us not forget our marathon runners, Sophia Newlove and Karen Russell. All in all, a fantastic weekend of running for the FitBitch crew!

Relaxed and ready to race: arrangements, Sunday 18th Feb


Congratulations, you’ve got to the start line! OK, so you have not actually run the Brighton Half Marathon yet. But for all of you feeling nervous and wondering whether you can do it, remind yourself where you started.

Just a little under four months ago, many of you started training with us having only just completed a 5k. You faced hills with trepidation, and worried about going on long runs in case you got left behind. And now? You may still face hills with a worried face but you do them. And now 5-8miles seem like a relaxing stroll in the park.

So whoever you are, whichever race you are doing, if you worry whether you can do it just remind yourself of all you have achieved and know that you can.

Anyway, enough of the cheese, on to the practical stuff.

This week, all of you should be ensuring you hydrate well every day (don’t wait until 8am on race day to neck 2 litres of water), eating well and crucially, sleeping well too. Make sure you know exactly what you are going to wear on the start line (wear a layer that you can throw a way so that you can keep warm while in the starting pens), what pace you are going to aim for, and where you are going to meet your fellow FitBitches of course.

The arrangements for the day:

Arrive: 8am to drop your bags at the baggage drop which is to be found opposite Peter Pan Playground on Madeira Drive.

Warm up: 8.15am Peter Pan Playground – come and meet us, Rachael, Kate and Melissa for a pre-race warm up and pep talk. If you’re running late text 07855 742195 (if you want to have any pics taken or leave your phone with anyone, I’m not running and so I’m happy to keep hold of stuff for you).

Stretch down (and final finisher’s pictures you know me!) after the race by Peter Pan.

If you are going to join us for the warm up pre-race pep talk PLEASE COMMENT HERE so we know to look out for you. Any pre-race jitters, worries, questions about training or nutrition, comment here and we will answer.