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5 miles Brooks training or a social run. Sunday 27th October.

Don't take the lonely road to training - take the FitBitch way!

Don’t take the lonely road to training – take the FitBitch way!

This weekend our run is off road, heading towards Devils Dyke with an out and back route. There is  a mile loop by the Devils Dyke pub where the views look over surrounding villages. We will then turn back as we take in the views of the sea.

BROOKS 10k –  This run will allow you to work on pace as the pathway is a gravel surface with only slight incline as we head towards Devils Dyke. If you’re not training for the Brooks 10k this makes a nice, steady social run to keep some distance up before starting on another training plan.

MEET: Second car park on Devils Dyke Road. Please comment if you would like a lift.

TIME: 8:20 to start at 8:30 am.

Coach and R/A: Kate (07702983744). Karen.

Sunday runs cost £10 and are only bookable online. No cash on the day. Bookhere


Brighton Half Marathon & Marathon Course

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If you’ve seen our photograpahs of our recent Amsterdam Half Marathon trip on our Facebook page, you will  have seen that training in a group together can make running fun, rewarding and help to ensure you make your distance even when you feel like staying in bed!

Now it’s your chance. Our Brighton Half Marathon training course starts on Weds 20th November.

What do you get:

  • 11 X Weds 7.30pm training sessions incorporating strength training to help prevent injury and make you more efficient
  • 10 X Sunday runs from 8.30am off road and on road to help you build you distance in a supportive environment, all with women training for the same race
  • A training plan, expert coaching guidance and fun

You can either book the entire course, or just Weds or Sundays. Drop ins will continue to be available for all but the most cost efficient way is to book the course. FULL course, £129 Sundays only £90.

We would also encourage those new to us, to book the course so we can work with you and develop your running with the right degree of attention.

PLEASE note, that the Sunday part of the course is ONLY open to runners who can currently, and regularly run four miles. If you need help reaching this mileage between now and Weds 19th, please get in touch for one to one help.

(FRunClub closes for Xmas December 22nd and returns on Sun Jan 5th)


Want to join our women only marathon training? You will need to fulfill the following pre-requisites

1. Train with us throughout our half marathon training to achieve a time of 2hrs 05mins or less so you can then join our 14, 15, 17, 19 and 21 miles training runs throughout Feb-April.

2. OR be able to send us a link to show your recent half marathon time of under 2hrs 5mins in which case, you will able to join just our long training runs in Febuary if you prefer.

This will allow our long run training group to stay together at a similar pace.  Our prices and booking for the half marathon to marathon training will be released in the next few weeks. Long run training will be led by Karen Russell, a veteran of three marathons and experienced in endurance running.

Our marathon coaches Rachael and Kate are also available for one to one marathon coaching (for men and women). BEtween them they’ve run 9 marathons, from Mumbai to New York, Lake Garda to London.

They help improve your technique, make you more efficient as a runner with strength and flex conditioning and help  with all your questions about nutrition, race psychology, training kit and more.



Absolute Beginners 0-5k Course, starts Weds Oct 16th

We ALL started as beginners at some point

We ALL started as beginners at some point

Want to finally get off that sofa and learn to run without feeling like you’re going to pass out?

Want the added motivation of training with a group all with the same aim, along with excellent coaching to help ensure you not only learn to run, but you learn to run well?

Then don’t miss our next four week, women’s only 5k course, which starts Weds October 16th at 7.30pm with our fab coach, Karen.

No experience is required, just a willingness to learn and try. What you will get in return? New friends, a love of running and the ability to just get up and go out and run whenever you want. Not to mention even a slimmer body too.

It costs £40 for the four weeks, including a training plan. Meet new running buddies, learn to run, have fun…join the Fitbitch community

Our next courses for non-beginners will be Brighton Half Marathon and Marathon training, although we are currently training for the Brooks 10k and drop ins always run on Weds and Sunday.

Book here under running courses


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Banish the barbecue and rose wine bloat of summer with our brand new courses for total beginners to 5k AND our Brighton Brooks 10k course.

Both courses are strictly limited in terms of numbers so don’t leave it too late to book

Our four weeks beginners Zero-5k course, every Wednesday starts September 4th at 7.30pm and is designed for TOTAL beginners, costing £40. Book here

Coached by our fab running ambassador, Karen Russell, who started as a beginner and has now run three marathons and understands completely what it’s like to start from scratch.

Price: £40 for four Weds including a training plan. Location: sessions will take place at either Hove seafront (definitely 1st week) or Hove Park.

Brooks 10k Runner’s Course – starts Weds 11th September or Sunday 15th September – Price, starts from £40 Book here

Have you signed up to run the Brooks 10k and wondering what you’ve got yourself in for? Don’t worry, we’ve helped hundreds of women enjoy their training and cross that finish line feeling confident with a smile on their face and a sprint in their legs. Yes, really.

The course runs on both Weds evenings and Sunday mornings (details on our booking page) but you can choose to do either or both sessions.

Sundays focus on building distance, Weds on strength and technique sessions.



Coming up…

many of these runners have come through our camp system

many of these runners have come through our camp system

Next week, we have a 0-5k Beginners Course starting at 9.30am from Hove Park Cafe on Mondays, and from Lark on Lowther on Tuesdays, same time.

The courses cost £40 and will take you from a complete beginner to a 5k runner in four weeks. Those booking the courses will also get complimentary Weds night training for the duration of their course.

For our regular runners, have you thought about doing one of our camps?

On Monday, we start a four week Ultimate Transform Camp, which includes an optional eating plan and four weeks of fitness. You may drop in on two or three sessions per week if four is too much.

Why would a camp help you as a runner?

As many of you who have been coming to run club are now aware, running is not just about running. It is about strength and conditioning, technique, speed training, flexibility and more.

We cover ALL of this at camp and this month, we have a special emphasis on the all important glutes and legs. And lord knows, most of you have heard us bang on about how important the glutes and core are to help make you stronger, faster runners, and to help you avoid injuries.

We’ll be putting some testimonials up soon but many of our runners have recently been through our camp system. They’ve come out the other side half a stone lighter and with a Brighton Half Marathon PB…so there you go.

It’s our birthday next month so if you do sign up for the entire camp and get a friend, one of you gets the camp for half price. And the following camp is half price too.

Some of our run club have booked on already. Want to join them and see your running transformed?

For all bookings visit http://www.fitbitchbootcamp.com/category/prices-booking/

Drop in 8 or 12 sessions, call Rachael 07855 742195

What’s on at Fitbitch…

We know some of you are only interested in our running club. But there are equal numbers are as interested in getting fit and losing weight, and are not aware of all the things that we offer at Fitbitch.

So, for those who don’t know (you can turn off  now if you do!) here is what we have coming up this week, some starting tomorrow

Fitbitch Ennis Ab Challenge Camp

Four weeks, Mon-Thurs, 6am or 7am , of fun filled exercise that will change your shape and help you lose weight.

This Pre-Xmas one is special, with an exclusive eating plan and a particular  focus on strengthening core.

If you want to get in shape, OR you are signed up to do a marathon or half marathon, or simply want to improve your running, these four week camps are a very good idea. They provide the conditioning that should go hand in hand with run training. It’s £150 for new members but call me today 07855 742195 if you want to book as we need to set you up with the right forms. There are only two spaces left in 6am.

Boxing Belles, Tues 8pm and Sat, 8.30am

If you can’t commit to four times  a week, or you have tried boxing and love it then you DO NOT want to miss this class.

We keep the class restricted to a small number for maximum attention and it is taken by two different professional boxing coaches. It is 100 times better than boxercise with punch bags, a ring and lots more.

It costs £12.50 drop in payable in advance online, or buy a 10 class pass for £100 to be used within 8 weeks of the first class.

Yoga for Runners, Monday 6pm

Yoga should be an essential part of your training, particularly if you are training for the marathon or the half marathon, or are new to running. And this class has been specifically devised by founder, Rachael Woolston for runners.

It is £11 drop in or you can buy a class pass. Numbers are kept small for personalised attention so you need to text (07855 742195) if you would like to come and confirm with us. You can find out more about it www.yogaforrunnersandsport.com

Run Club

Weds and Sunday’s as you know!

Specialised Workshops

Coming up on 8th December 12.30-4.30pm (more details to come) the Fitbitch Master the Marathon workshop, complete with video analysis of your running, the difference between tempo, speed and fartleks and why you should do them, what to wear, what to eat and much more.

You book ALL PACKAGES and drop ins except for yoga on www.fitbitchbootcamp.com 

Did you know…

If it works for jess…

That our next four-week Jessica Ennis Ab Challenge camp starts on Monday 26th November?

If you want to improve your shape, not just for aesthetic reasons,  but to be a better conditioned runner for improved running and less injury, try our pre Xmas sister boot camp, Fitbitch Boot Camp.

We are offering a special offer this month only, and an even BETTER offer for those who have signed up to one of our running packages! (Get in touch if you have signed up to an annual deal or package deal and have not received news of the offer yet).

Here’s the details of the camp and what is involved CLICK HERE

You could even win £50 off your next camp too…but you need to read the link above to find out how.

If you can’t commit to four times a week you can book two or three-day packages and we can tell you the best ones to attend for your run conditioning.

All that running efficiency aside, you could end up with a toned torso ala Miss Ennis. Better than a mince-pie muffin top, eh?

Pace, conditioning & Injury prevention, Weds 10th October

The Grid Roller – the ‘hardest’ version

Whether you are jetting off with us to Lake Garda this week, part of our Brooks team, a Rise runner looking for their next goal, or simply someone who would like to join us for the first time, this session is suitable for all.
This Wednesday will be a mixture of conditioning, along with a timed 1k pace run for our newbies. Whether you are fast, medium or slow, it doesn’t matter. Knowing what pace you are now will improve your training, and it will enable you to see how much you have progressed when we next time your 1km in around 8 weeks.

Garda girls, do  not fear. We won’t be tiring out your legs but we will be giving you a workout, both in terms of conditioning and a relaxed pace session. It is good to keep your legs ticking over. If you rest, you rust!

At the end of the session, weather permitting, we will be spending some time on the use of a foam roller. It would be ideal if you can ALL buy one and bring it with you.

If you are planning on making a commitment to running, a foam roller is vital to help prevent injury and only cost around £15. (the one pictured costs more but go to any reputable running shop and they will be able to show you what you need). Not much compared to having expensive massages if you neglect this important part of your training, as essential as actually getting out and running.

Use it correctly, and you could say goodbye to knee pain, calf tightness and the associated plantar issues this can bring. Garda Girls, please bring your rollers too.

Nick Rivett Sport and SweatShop both sell them and provide 10% discount to Fitbitch runners.

Please also bring a skipping rope if you have one, and wear your watch if you have one with a timer.


Where: Lawns adjacent to Hove Street, parking in King Alfred Centre

Drop in: £5

Coaches: Rachael & Melissa