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New Runners Welcome Wednesday


Had a fab weekend? Now ready to run off the excesses?!

Well, if you’re a total beginner there has never been a better time to join us than this Wednesday.

This week we welcome a big group of totally new runners who have entered the Risk 8k Women’s run, (which takes place on the seafront on October 13th).

If you’ve entered the race , you receive your Weds training with us COMPLETELY FREE**from now until race day.  This is open to both relay runners and 8k runners. Remember though, you must fill out the reg. form and be new to us.

If you haven’t entered the race but want to join too, just pay £5 drop in via our online booking system.

Alternatively, we have a complete beginners to 5k course starting Weds 4th September (Weds evenings only, 4 weeks, £40 bookable in advance online)

What do you need to do now? Subscribe to this website so you receive details of where this week’s training is.

What do you need to bring? Nothing except yourself and some water.

(THIS offer is only open to those who have filled out our pre-registration form which is sent to you automatically once you have completed your race entry with Rise. Please email them if you have entered but did not receive this link. It is also ONLY open to those completely new to Fitbitch).



Sunday trails and scenic views. August 18th.

Nothing but clouds, air and gossip!

Over the hills and far away.

Running with views over Lewes and the English Channel, passing dew ponds and fields in full bloom. Join us this Sunday to take in the scenery and experience trail running with a fun and friendly bunch of like-minded women.

6 mile option: Following our Amsterdam or Royal Parks training plan? This one is for you and is also open to other runners who have covered similar distance recently. The route is fairly flat until you reach the infamous Snake. You’ll discover how the name came about as you weave up a gradual incline. Don’t worry, you finish on a slight descent.

11 mile option: Bacchus training or building distance? Starting out with the shorter distance for the first 2.5 miles. The route then continues over Swanborough hill before heading through Rottingdean, Ovingdean, Roedean and back to Woodingdean. Valleys, farms, monuments and gossip, all in one run.


We will continue to take drop in payments on the day for the remainder of August but we are phasing this out so come September, all payments should be done online for Weds and Sunday sessions.


MEET: Woodingdean. Car park on the corner of Falmer Road and Bexhill Road. Free parking.

TIME: 8.15am for an 8.30 start.

Coaches and Ambassadors: Kate, Melissa, Mel L and Karen. Contact numbers for the day: 07702983744 (Kate). 07894146016 (Melissa)

Building distance, amazing views, Sunday 11th Aug

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Join us this Sunday for a stunning trail run in the South Downs, which is open to drop-ins (only if you can currently run the distance and have done so recently)  and our course members.

There will be a 5 mile option for those who are training for the Amsterdam & Royal Parks Half Marathon. This will be a steady, up hill towards the Dyke to help you get your legs in before a stunning, speedy downhill. The catch?

There is an up to finish but you’ll feel great at the end, secure in the knowledge that you’re building leg strength and endurance, all which should help you to a speedy finish on the flat routes of Amsterdam & London.

As for our Bacchus Half marathon runners, an off-road race through Denbies vineyard, your 9.2mile route will follow the five-mile for someway before heading out over the Downs, through beautiful sheep filled valleys before a killer finish.

Yes, it’s a tough finish but so is a half marathon. psychological preparation is over half the battle when it comes to endurance races. Besides, you can then enjoy your Sunday with a glow of achievement.


We will continue to take drop in payments on the day for the remainder of August but we are phasing this out so come September, all payments should be done online for Weds and Sunday sessions.

For the meantime, please COMMENT HERE IF YOU ARE COMING.

Location: Meet second car park on Devil’s Dyke Road, the one just past Golf Farm

Time: 8.15am for a strict 8.30am departure. Late and you’ll miss us

Coaches: Rachael & Karen, 9 miles, Kate, Mel L 5 miles. Elspeth either 9 or 5.

Cost: £10




Rise 8k Run – Warm up with Fitbitch

Smile on the start line for a great run!

Good luck to all our runners, who we have helped to train up to the Undercliff 8k, in support of the charity RiseUK.

Our coach Kate, will be there to help you warm up, and to help calm any of your pre-race jitters.
The race starts at 10.15am heading out from Saltdean.

You can park over the road on Saltdean Park Road, turning down beside the Lido.

It is probably easier to leave your bags in your car, as you won’t need anything when you run not even water.

Just ensure you are well hydrated today and tonight and you can run 8k without any problem without the need for water.

Meet Kate (07702 983744) by the tunnel that leads underneath the White Cliff Cafe, at the start line at 9.50am. She will remain near, or around that area until the start so look out for the girls in purple.

Have a great run and good  luck! Not that you will  need it if you have been training with us, you will be well prepared.

If you have not yet entered, and would like to run, you can do so on the day. Just ensure you get down there a bit earlier so you can arrange.

Become a stronger runner. Wednesday 12th September Hills and conditioning.

Core Conditioning for runners

Running isn’t just about putting one foot in front of the other. Runners need strong, conditioned muscles and although the legs do the work,  stable core strength is required. Wednesdays session will target all over muscle strength including the glutes to improve hamstring and calf flexibility. There are hills involved to help with the strength work as well as increasing cardio performance.

With the Firle runs last Sunday being a huge success, we have flatter runs on our current training plans. After some hill and conditioning training, the flat runs seem that little bit easier. Rise and Garda runners, they are a must! Plus there will be a chance to mix up your training with some fun activities I promise!

Meet: In front of Peter Pan playground. Madeira Drive. If you have a foam roller and a mat then please bring them.

Time 7.30 – 8.30 pm

Coach: Kate. 07702983744

Drop in £5.

Please comment and wear wrist bands if you have them.

Hurry! Don’t miss our courses starting this week

You’re feeling nervous about not being fit enough to run with everyone? What if you get left behind? What if you’re the slowest?

Don’t worry, almost all of our runners have probably thought this before they joined us. And they are all still with us, and now running half marathons and more

Whatever your level, our run club is for you. We’ll provide expert coaching, friendly faces and lots and lots of support. Don’t delay.

Run off the festive excess, get fit and feel fab right the way through the dreary first few months of the year with our brand new courses for beginners and intermediates.

Total Beginner? Join our new 0-5k ‘Have your cake and eat it club’ from Lark on Lowther, starting Friday 9.30am at 11th January

Beginner-Int after a challenge? Train for the Birling 10k on March 23rd – our longest run starts at just 2miles. Starts Weds Jan 2nd

Beginner-Int to 10k or 10miles? Train for the hilly BlueBell run. Starts Jan 30th

For more information read our Dream Season newsletter here

Want to go ahead and book? Click here

Brighton Half Marathon Training Session, Sun 6th Nov

Make your runs more enjoyable by training in a group

Are you ready? Welcome to our first weekend of training for the Brighton Half Marathon (Full marathon runners will be doing a workshop with Kate).

You can come along and drop in for any of our runs, whether you are training for a race, or you just want someone to run with, for £5.

If you want to join us in training for the half or full marathon, we offer package prices, including training runs and plans which will take you right up to race day. (Details here

This week there are two choices, both which start from Asda Car Park, Brighton Marina.

1. Beginners/returnees to Half Marathon Distance will run 5miles, with a hilly start which gives way to a delightful downhill stretch from Ovingdean back to a flat seafront return. It’s beautiful – and worth the hill.

2. Palma Half Marathon Runners – those who have just completed the Palma Half with us, can opt for a 7.5mile route, which will go further into the Downs and up to Rottingdean along the seafront before returning.

Please note that in order to see our database of routes, you now must be a friend of FitBitch Running Club on mapmyrun.com where all our many routes are logged.

Start time: 8.30am (we will leave then, so arrive a little earlier. You will need to pay for parking).
Where: Start Asda Car Park
Trainers: Rachael, Long distance
Sian, shorter distance

What better reason to learn to run?

Running? what running...on the way to Paris-Versailles 16k

Want to know the secret to learning to run further? Enter a race and give yourself a target.
It really is that simple. In the last eight months, our running club has seen women go from zero to half marathon distance in four months. All of these women accomplished their goals simply because they took the plunge.
It may seem scary, intimidating and totally out of your comfort zone but that’s why it is so effective.
Of course, at FitBitch Running Club we like to make our ‘targets’ a bit more enticing than just crossing a finish line.
Instead of just entering any old race, we go for those abroad. Somehow, the appeal of a run with a fantastic weekend away always does the trick!

All dreaming of the Lisbon custard tarts on the finish line

So far, we’ve been to Paris and Lisbon and this October, we’re heading to Palma in Majorca to take part in the half marathon.
Don’t panic if you’ve never even run 10k as we’ll be running a 16 week training programme for ALL levels, starting Sunday 26th June which will take you right up to the actual race day on 16th October.
We have two runs per week, Wednesday night, 7pm and Sunday 8.30am along with the rest of the running club. There will be a number of FitBitch trainers so you will get the support you need over a distance that is right for you.
That said, you will need to do your own runs outside of this time in accordance with your training plan, which will be included in our exclusive training package. But you don’t have to worry about running alone – follow us on Twitter and you’ll find some fellow runners.
The price is £60, including a training plan for 16 runs (either one a week or however you want to use them) or £100 for a 32 week option of two runs per week. All programmes will include a generalised training plan for either beginners, intermediate or advanced levels.
Don’t fancy a half marathon but like the idea of a weekend away with a shorter run? There is also an option to run 10k which starts on the same route as the half so you can be part of the overall event without having to put quite so much training in!
You will need to register individually for the race http://www.tui-marathon.com/_eng/anmeldung/anmeldung2_en.html
Also, please book your flights yourself and let us know via the comment box below which you choose.
The best options are with EasyJet leaving from LGW on Friday 14th October and returning either the afternoon on Monday 17th (£112) or first thing Tuesday 18th October (£108).
Personally, I’m for the Tuesday option. Come join the FitBitch crew and your running will be transformed.
Package pay options will be available soon on the main FitBitch Boot Camp website.

Wednesday 9th March Pace Tempo Run

Ready, steady...become a better runner with FB Running Club

Whether you are completely new to running or part of the regular FitBitch running crew, you can come down to our next pace session. Don’t worry about getting left behind as we will do intervals always returning to the same point. And no matter what your fitness level there is always someone to run with as well as two trainers.

Tomorrow’s run will be at the slightly earlier time of 7pm meeting on the seafront in Hove in front of Marrocco’s restaurant.
Bring water and yourself. Plus £5 if you’re a drop in.