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Sunday trails and scenic views. August 18th.

Nothing but clouds, air and gossip!

Over the hills and far away.

Running with views over Lewes and the English Channel, passing dew ponds and fields in full bloom. Join us this Sunday to take in the scenery and experience trail running with a fun and friendly bunch of like-minded women.

6 mile option: Following our Amsterdam or Royal Parks training plan? This one is for you and is also open to other runners who have covered similar distance recently. The route is fairly flat until you reach the infamous Snake. You’ll discover how the name came about as you weave up a gradual incline. Don’t worry, you finish on a slight descent.

11 mile option: Bacchus training or building distance? Starting out with the shorter distance for the first 2.5 miles. The route then continues over Swanborough hill before heading through Rottingdean, Ovingdean, Roedean and back to Woodingdean. Valleys, farms, monuments and gossip, all in one run.


We will continue to take drop in payments on the day for the remainder of August but we are phasing this out so come September, all payments should be done online for Weds and Sunday sessions.


MEET: Woodingdean. Car park on the corner of Falmer Road and Bexhill Road. Free parking.

TIME: 8.15am for an 8.30 start.

Coaches and Ambassadors: Kate, Melissa, Mel L and Karen. Contact numbers for the day: 07702983744 (Kate). 07894146016 (Melissa)


Recruit your muscles – Strength and conditioning. Wednesday 26th June.

Why sit on the bench!

Why sit on the bench!

Common running injuries can result from overuse of the same muscles and repetitive running steps or when starting out as a beginner and building the distance on unconditioned muscles. Combining strength and conditioning with your weekly running has a huge impact on your running progress and helps to avoid injury.

We will be doing specific exercises to improve stabilisation strength for the loading and stance phase of running and also strengthen the muscles needed for proper pelvic position as well as knee and foot alignment. The strength and conditioning exercises will develop the quadriceps, hamstrings, gluteals and the core muscles.
The intensity and number of repetitions that you will need to be doing is dependent on your current level. So all abilities are welcome and you will be surprised at your progress with running when the muscles are stronger.

MEET: Bottom of Hove Street, near lifeguard hit adjacent to King Alfred car park.
TIME: 7.30pm – 8.30pm
COACH: Kate 07702983744

Pace for your race. Wednesday 14th November

Inspired by sporting hero’s?

Although running is a year round activity, there’s no denying we’ve hit training season again. Our training plans for the Brighton half and full marathon have begun and it is the last training session before the Brookes 10k and the Spartan race.

Pace is the name of the game this Wednesday. For Sundays 10k runners, it will give you one last training boost and an opportunity to ask any race day preparation questions. Spartan girls, they’ll be no obstacles but a chance to build up running performance ( or possibly a small obstacle as extra training!)

If you are starting out on the half or full marathon training, this is the key to your training. Do not be fooled into thinking it is all about our Sunday longer runs (however these sessions are just as important). Wednesdays sessions cover all the other elements required to prevent over training and injury. We will establish a suitable pace for every individual that will work you at a comfortably hard pace, to boost your endurance for longer runs. As always all abilities are welcome, whether you are running a race or you run for general fitness and please comment if you can make this session.

Meet: Hove street, on the promenade by the lifeguard hut (near King Alfred car park)

Time: 7:30 – 8:30 pm

Coach: Kate 07702983744

Drop in: £5

Stanmer Park run. Sunday 20th May.

Even in the rain, there’s always smiles.

We may finally be blessed with some sunshine for our woodland run on Sunday. Stanmer Park is the perfect location to mix up the terrain and vary the distances. Friston Forest runners, this might be your first off road experience and I am certain you’ll be hooked. The scenery is stunning, making you feel completely out of the city. Hills and trail running are an excellent way to condition the muscles and give the joints a rest from the pavement pounding.

For our shorter routes of 3 and 4 miles we have Tor our running ambassador who is always very motivating and has been there as a beginner to hill running not so long ago. I can’t guarantee you’ll be getting a piggy back but Tor will encourage and wait for every runner doing this distance.

The longer route of 7.5 miles is going further towards Ditchling Beacon before back into the park. Both distances do have some flat road and downhill. See, we are considerate to you.

If you can offer or require a lift then please mention it in your comment.

Lead coach: Kate 07702983744

Ambassador: Tor

Meet: car park as you turn immediately left from A27 entrance. (straight after the two houses as you enter the park)

Time: 8:30 am prompt.

Drop in £5

Steady run Sunday. Between 3 mile and 7 mile options.

It may sound mad to some, but a perfect start to a Sunday morning is a steady run with other females who are out to keep up or improve their fitness levels. Sunday is always our longer run. Pace and distance is relative to where you are in your training programme. Our Sunday runs are about helping and motivating you to increase your distance and fitness levels. Nobody gets left behind as our Running Ambassadors are there to support you. We take you on some fantastic training routes that make you really appreciate the local surroundings.

All three distances (3, 4 and 7 miles) start out together, heading from Hove seafront to Hove Park where the 3 mile turns back and the 4 mile route includes a lap of the park which includes some gradient. The longer route of 7 miles takes us up towards Devils Dyke. Perfect terrain for week two of Friston Forest training.

Please leave a comment stating which distance you are planning to do.

Meet: Hove Promenade, behind King Alfred.

When: 8:30am

Lead Coach: Kate 07702983744

Running Ambassador: Melanie Lankester

£5 drop in.

Training Run Sunday February 27th, 8am

FitBitch Week 14 10miles
Find more Runs in Brighton, United Kingdom

PLEASE NOTE, MEET ST AUBYNS SOUTH ON SEAFRONT IN HOVE AT 8AM, NOT HOVE PARK. We will start here and finish here to make it just over 13miles.
After the run those wanting to have coffee or breakfast to discuss Lisbon please let me know. I will book a table in Marrocco’s for 10.15am.

Pace runners

Even after hard pacing, we can all smile...just!

Congratulations to the all the FB runners who successfully completed a tough pace runnng session. It was four lots of 1mile runs at pace, with 1/2 mile recovery. Front runners did approximately four at 6.50pace.

But better than anyone’s pace running accomplishments tonight? News from Jenny Holmes that she ran her first Hove www.parkrun.com under 30mins last weekend. Just EIGHT weeks ago, Jenny had never run that distance without stopping.

Now, she not only runs it fast, she’s up to 11miles!! Brilliant!

Well done to all and welcome to Melissa Scott, our new running trainer who will be on hand now during long runs and the pace runs. A fitness trainer and accomplished marathon runner she’s a great addition to the FitBitch running Club.

Our next running club date is Sunday February 6th at 8.30am, route to come.