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NEW beginner’s & returners groups starting

Want to learn how to run, or get to the stage where it feels easier?

Or can you already run but just want to get to the stage where you can run for longer?

Then join our next beginners and returners to running groups.

Our next 0 to 10k beginners group starts 18th July.

This will follow an eight week training programme to 10k, finishing with your race goal of either the Firle 7miles on 9th September, Regents Park 10k on Sept 2nd or the Hove Prom 10k on September 10th.

Price: £43 for 8 runs or £71, for 15 runs, including a training plan and race t-shirt.

The first session on Weds 18th July will be a biomechanics session where we will assess your gait, posture and running style to help you build the foundations of a healthy, injury free, efficient runner.

10k to Firle Half Marathon group, starts 2nd July

This will follow a ten week programme training for the Firle Half Marathon on 9th September so you must be able to run 10k comfortably already.

Price: £51 for 10 runs or £87 for 19 runs, including a training plan plus race t-shirt.

To book email info@fitbitchbootcamp.com clearly stating your name, which package (including the number of runs) that you wish to purchase and the size of t-shirt.

Please note that this cost does not cover entry fees to the race. Training is on Weds at 7.30pm and Sunday’s at 8.30am. YOu need to subscribe to this site for information about the training runs which we publish on a weekly basis.


New Goals for Beginners & Beyond

Be inspired - be inspiring

So, you’ve been inspired by seeing our runners (over 25 of them!) complete this year’s Brighton Half Marathon? Then now is your chance to become part of our new training group so you can be your own inspiration.

Don’t worry, we are not talking about taking on a half marathon here but if you are interested in completing a 10k, our next training group is going to be dedicated to taking a group to the BlueBell 10K on 22nd April.

This is a fantastic, very beautiful run through the woods covered in bluebells at this time of the year. And it is very friendly with all types of runners from beginners to advanced taking part.

If you have currently not even run 5k, don’t worry. Our eight week plan will ensure you get to the finish line feeling great. Remember, most of our half Marathon runners started training with us having only run a 5k!

Which brings me round to our Brighton Half runners. If you re not coming to Berlin but want  another goal to work towards so you dont’ lose your running mojo, there is also a 10mile option, the first time that the BlueBell run will include this.

You will need to enter the race by clicking this link

Beginners if you would like to commit to a training group with us, we are offering the following package, which will include the necessary number of runs as specified below, a training plan and a runner’s t-shirt. (runs are £4.50 and you get a training plan and runner’s t-shirt for free) .  Can’t commit? Just do a drop in and pay £10 a training plan.

Full Package of 15 training sessions on Weds and Sun, £67.50 –

Half Package of 7 training sessions either Weds or Sun, £31.50

To book email runningclub@fitbitchbootcamp.com or comment here and we will send you our payment details. Please book your own entry to the race.

Building distance: Training Saturday 25th Feb, 8.30am

See your running take off with our training

Beginners, returners to runners, last week’s Half Marathon runners and our ongoing Brighton Marathon Running Group, this run is for all of you.

To ensure enough coaches for all the different levels we have again switched it to this Saturday but this is NOT a regular thing. It will be Sunday usually.

Beginners/Returners – your choice is a 3 or 5mile flat route (out and back) to help build your confidence and for you to focus on your technique and posture when you are running. Coach: Melissa

Berlin Runners/or those want to keep their distance up – an 8 mile there and back route, mostly flat but with some off road elements perfect to keep your endurance running muscles but with a recovery type run after last week’s Half Marathon. Coach:Rachae

Marathon Runners: our ongoing marathon runners will take a longer route off-road before returning to the flat for a 14mile run. Coach: Kate


ALL THE ROUTES are available to view at mapmyrun.com if you ask to be the friend of the FitBitch Running Club. However, access to the many routes that you can use for your own training are only open to those with annual membership, or those who have previously been part of a training group with us, or are currently paying for a training package.

To give those going the longer route some idea of the route it will head up to the Marina before going off-road over Ovingdean (and then Rottingdean if with the marathon group) before heading back along the seafront.

Location: Hove Lawns Cafe (NOT the one near the Peace Statue)

Time: 8.30am, Saturday

Drop in: £5


Beginners/Returners to Running Training session, Weds 15th Feb

Get ready to transform your running experience

Have you been inspired to take up running by a friend recently? Or, have you always wished you could run and lacked confidence? Or perhaps you already do run and would love to train with a group but have been put off joining other running groups who are currently doing long distances?

If this sounds like youthen now is the time to join our running group.

Whether you are merely looking for a social group to run with, or you want to start training for a 10k, half marathon or even beyond this, get in on the ground level with our beginners and returners (i.e. those who run but have not done any distance for a while, or are returning from injury) training session.

This session takes some of the elements of our Running School weeks, to analyse your foundations, posture and biomechanics. This helps us, and you understand how you can build yourself into a strong, injury free runner.

The first part of the session will be indoors to allow us to analyse your movement patterns and posture, before heading outside for a short run. If this sounds bewildering to you, and you are thinking ‘I just want to run,’ don’t worry it will all make sense.

Whatever your level, this is a session not to be missed.

Location: Flat 4, 4 St Aubyns, Hove, BN3 2TB (parking in KIng Alfreds car park, a five minutes walk away)

Time: 6.45pm

What to wear: Usual running stuff but layers so you can take them off inside.

Cost: £5 drop in – places are STRICTLY limited so you need to book in advance by leaving a comment here

Coach: Rachael, 07855 742195